Electromagnetic valve assembly into the switch to prevent bus nature invention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Electromagnetic valve assembly invention into the switch to prevent the natural Yangtze river bus business times 'with more than a year, the test track for a year, to start the machine fire is absolutely no problem. 'Meet in wuhan city bus 2 warranty company technical director chun-ming zheng, he is busy left a telephone, right a call for technical guidance. He invented the combustion device, has been on the bus slowly. 'One day running kilometers, vehicle loss is very big. 'Zheng Chun said the bus usage, the wear rate is much higher than ordinary vehicles, the problems such as low voltage line aging, short circuit, overload, easy cause spontaneous combustion. Start the machine after the launch vehicle, need to quickly without electricity, once line adhesion, can easily catch on fire. Chun-ming zheng design total power supply wire harness protection, including power supply solenoid valve, buzzer, fault alarm lamp. Car starts, power supply, electromagnetic valve, can quickly 'card' to live the current guarantee without electricity. One thousand is out of order, the buzzer will alarm; On the total power once has the fire, alarm lamp will light up, remind the driver mandatory power cuts. In order to ensure that the 'son of earth' to prevent vehicle fire work, chun-ming zheng and his colleagues in the road, air conditioning vehicle tracking test for more than a year. Number of air-condition in years, aging problem in vehicle. After installed the protection device, over the past year, more than thousands of kilometers, spontaneous combustion does not happen. Zheng Chun said, at present the company more than years vehicles and double-decker, are gradually filled with buzzer, electromagnetic valve fault alarm lamp, once appear, spontaneous combustion hidden trouble will call the police. 'Protection devices need to be approved before loading. 'Zheng Chun, bus structure cannot be easily changed, so the first assembly alarm device to ensure safety.
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