Electromagnetic valve automatically detect achieve transparent type

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve automatically detect network transparent type electronic products every day with the deepening of the solenoid valve research work, the traditional detection method cannot have satisfied the performance of the solenoid valve testing. The so-called 'transparency', the whole monitoring process of solenoid valve action ( Including the absorption and release process) , can quickly test the electromagnetic valve working current and automatic calculation and absorption and release time, Current measuring range ~ A, test error, % F or less. S, mu S) test system time resolution And able to work monitoring electromagnetic valve when the consumption of the entry and exit pressure and gas flow. Traditional test scheme simply test the armature absorb and release time, and take the way of manual measure and record. Long test time, data reliability is poor, often test is inaccurate, inconvenient operation problems. In addition, simply because of the traditional scheme only qualitative test, lead to insecurity test precision. The bit resolution for current sampling module, test precision is high. Automatic measurement device for data, storage, generate reports, high degree of automation, the user easy to use. Equipment is also real-time collection and analysis of the current signal, and ensure that the data is reliable. This equipment can be test at a different time solenoid valves and pneumatic rudder. Test electromagnetic valve, through collecting the current curve, and extract the absorption and release time parameters, through the actuating cylinder equipped with simulation and test the cavity pressure to evaluate electromagnetic valve dynamic performance. Equipment has self-diagnosis function, to test the system response time, otherwise select switch Settings, convenient to test the user choose a different driver circuit for testing. In addition, the device can effectively detect the pneumatic rudder air-tightness, test aerodynamic rudder work its output rod of thrust. Many people know about pneumatic rudder is endless, in a nutshell, it is one of the missile used on steering gear, the missile speed on the intake form when stagnation pressure as power, promote the actuating cylinder, which drives the rudder actions. And rudder piece of control by the solenoid valve switch gas circuit implementation. Test aerodynamic rudder, by measuring the pressure in the store jar to assess the sealing of pneumatic rudder, adjust step by step in the height of the lifting platform to measure aerodynamic rudder piston in a different position when the output of the thrust. Is one of the purposes of this equipment research and development, provide test method for the design of the pneumatic rudder, belongs to the scientific guarantee conditions for construction projects, created the conditions for the smooth of our research projects. Today, the electromagnetic valve to streamline, intelligent, professional development, increases the test requirements. Traditional way of testing is obviously 'past', and use automation increasingly urgent demand rapid detection equipment.
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