Electromagnetic valve characteristics and new development of the electromagnetic valve and technology of China

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Electromagnetic valve as an actuator of automation instrument, consumption has risen dramatically in recent years. Main characteristic, this paper analyzes the electromagnetic valve and focusing on the application of the Angle of domestic mature technology development trends are reviewed, in leaner, intelligent, generalization, specialty direction for investigation, and slightly to the social factors affecting the development of electromagnetic valve technology points discussed. The main characteristics of a, the electromagnetic valve ( 1) System is simple, and the computer, the price is low. Electromagnetic valve itself has simple structure, low price, than the regulating valve and other kinds of actuators is easy to install and maintain. More significant is composed of automatic control system is much simpler, much lower prices. Because the electromagnetic valve is switch signal control, connection with industrial control computer is very convenient. In today's computers, prices plunged, the advantages of the electromagnetic valve is more obvious. ( 2) Leakage blocking, internal leakage is easy to control, the use of safe. The elements of internal and external leakage is unsafe. Other automatic control valves are normally the valve stem, controlled by the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator valve core rotation or movement. This will solve the long-term movement valve lever dynamic seal leakage problem; Only the electromagnetic valve is applied to seal in electric magnetic magnetic core of casing is completed, there is no dynamic seal, so leakage blocking off easily. Torque control of electric valve is not easy, easy to produce internal leakage, even to break the valve stem head; Within the structure is easy to control electromagnetic valve leakage, until reduced to zero. Using a special security so, electromagnetic valve, especially suitable for corrosive, toxic, or high and low temperature medium. ( 3) Action express, tiny power, appearance and lighter. Electromagnetic valve response time can be short as a few milliseconds, even the guiding type electromagnetic valve can control in a few milliseconds. Because of its circuit, more sensitive than other automatic control valve response. Design of electromagnetic valve coil power consumption is low, energy-saving products; Can also be simply trigger action, automatically to keep the valve position, no electricity at ordinary times. Electromagnetic valve size shape, save a space already, and light and beautiful. ( 4) Type diversity, wide range of USES. Electromagnetic valve is congenitally deficient, the advantage is still outstanding, so he designed a variety of products, meet the needs of different, use very extensive. Electromagnetic valve technology advances are also revolve around how to overcome the deficiency, how to better play to the inherent advantages. ( 5) Adjust precision limited, limited suitable medium. Only switch electromagnetic valve is usually two kinds of state, the valve core can only in two limit position, not continuous adjustment, Tries to break a lot of new conception, but also in the test trial stage) So the adjustment accuracy is limited. Electromagnetic valve has higher requirements to the cleanliness of medium, medium containing granular not applicable, must be filter for impurities. In addition, a viscous medium not applicable, and shall be applicable to the specific products of medium viscosity range is relatively narrow. Second, the development of electromagnetic valve technology introduction more streamlined direction for the development of electromagnetic valve technology to fine to Jane, only simple can long ago. This is the permanent pursuit of scientists and engineers. ( 1) Simplify the control circuit is used in great quantities in the previous actuator pneumatic and electric control circuit, which increase the complexity of the system, while straight-pilot electromagnetic valve is in the form using the working medium itself in the valve control circuit, structure is simple. At home and abroad in the past many technical parameters also restricted the electromagnetic valve, now domestic electromagnetic valve size has been extended to 30 omm; Low to medium temperature - - - - - - - 200 ℃ to 450 ℃. Work pressure from vacuum to 25 mpa. Action time from 10 seconds to a few milliseconds. The new development of these technologies has been completely can replace original bulky expensive two fast cut off valve and pneumatic control switch valve, electric switch valve, also can partly replace the continuous adjustment of pneumatic, electric regulating valve. ( How to better meet the accuracy requirement, and above and below) 。 Foreign textile, light industry, urban construction and other industries have a large number of switch electromagnetic valve, and industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, take the lead in the auxiliary system used in more and more of the electromagnetic valve. Domestic autonomous professional and technical personnel has more and more attention to the electromagnetic valve. ( 2) Simplified piping system automatic control valve to work on the tube road must also with some auxiliary gate valve and pipe fittings. The piping system of space is large, the installation and time-consuming, also easy to leak. ZDF series multi-function solenoid valve ingeniously saves these attachments plus still has the function of isolation bypass and thus won the Geneva international new technology exposition. The front of the automatic control valve should be equipped with filters. Used in combination with multiple control valves also often need to install a one-way valve to prevent interference between the pipes. Now, the unidirectional electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve combination and belt filter of electromagnetic valve have played a role in simplifying piping.
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