Electromagnetic valve common failures and troubleshooting methods

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Electromagnetic valve does not work after the power supply troubleshooting method to check the power connection is bad; Check whether the power supply voltage in & plusmn; The scope of work; Whether the coil desoldering; The coil short circuit; Working pressure difference is not appropriate; The fluid temperature is too high; Have impurities to make electromagnetic valve of the main valve core and the moving core card; Liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and had come to life. Check whether the power connection bad & rarr; Connectors and wiring connection again; Adjusted to normal position range; To welding. Replace the coil; Adjust the pressure difference & rarr; Or replacement of proportion of electromagnetic valve; Change of proportion of electromagnetic valve; For cleaning, such as sealing damaged seal and install the filter should be changed; Replace the product. 电磁阀门不能关闭 故障 排除方法 主阀门芯或铁动芯的密封件已损坏 流体温度、粘度是否过高 有杂质进入电磁阀门产阀门芯或动铁芯 弹簧寿命已到或变形 节流孔平衡孔堵塞 工作频率太高或寿命已到 更换密封件 更换对口的电磁阀门 进行清洗 更换 及时清洗 改选产品或更新产品 其它故障 故障 排除方法 内泄漏 外泄漏 通电时有噪声 检查密封件是否损坏,弹簧是否装配不良 连接处松动或密封件已坏,紧螺丝或更换密封件 头子上坚固件松动,拧紧。 Voltage fluctuation is not allowed within the scope of adjust voltage. Core surface impurities or uneven absorption, clean or replace in a timely manner.
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