Electromagnetic valve fault in gearbox problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Solenoid valve failure problems in transmission time friend bought Citroen saloon on date, L automatic-shift cars, in line with the urban transport convenience, further attention to the manufacturer in years improved the transmission solenoid valve of sega models, to solve the problem that manufacturer before rest assured to buy the car. (date) (month) (year) in normal driving, driving around all of a sudden fault on transmission at the same time of transmission solenoid valve solenoid valve model of snow and light up at the same time, shut down after the restart the fault disappear. On the next day S shops to detect the transmission solenoid valve solenoid valve problem, because just a need to own multiple for repair, then through the network understand sega electromagnetic valve is not the case. Manufacturer in years improved transmission solenoid valve still appear such problems, it is not responsible for counter the safety of the consumer, just keep half month appear such problem, but still have such problem, improved manufacturer just a word of your vehicle has a bartender is coming to an end, chilling. Monthly purchase money sylphy, deluxe edition of CVT vehicle, driving many kilometers. (date) (month) (year), driving the engine fault light to dongfeng nissan handan trust agreeable shop test for P fault code, need to replace the relief valve body and transmission of electromagnetic, although the vehicle has the insurance; But the transmission solenoid valve as the main parts, why will appear this kind of problem? Automotive electromagnetic valve maintenance consulting manufacturers need to be replaced at his own expense, even replace only guarantee year thousands of kilometers, I want to ask, is your transmission electromagnetic valve body every million kilometers need to change? If not quality problem, you why so many owners have such a question? More ridiculous is that the staff told me that if the new gearbox solenoid valve body, you should cherish him, like a spare phone, I will collapse, how do I love? I pushed the car go? Electromagnetic valve body is nissan's transmission need to carefully protect? Why can't ensure that there is no problem if there is no quality problem? If your transmission solenoid valve need to be replaced every year, why don't you like tires on the manual annotation per million kilometers need to change? Gearbox change electromagnetic valve body need to cost for the left and right sides, that is my car in a month, every year need yuan fee for transmission of electromagnetic valve body? Manufacturer is not in the warranty period, the us consumer road blocked? Why do you question we consumers need to pay? This is the attitude of a vendor?
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