Electromagnetic valve how intelligent direction development

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Electromagnetic valve how to intelligent direction development time, the electromagnetic valve is mainly refers to how to better cooperate with intelligent instruments, to improve the control accuracy and reliability of the system. Generally considered a type adjustment is difficult to achieve very high accuracy, but on many occasions with the method of appropriate can reach the required very high precision, and save the cost. ( ) Double composite electromagnetic kuo. This is a different size of solenoid valve together. Extensive use of the measuring accuracy of oil tanker is as high as, %, USES double solenoid valve. Large valve open, come on in a relatively short period of time is close to complete; Then the valve closed, valve added to ensure flow from small precision. The technology has been applied abroad for many years, products from the world famous companies such as solenoid valve professional company manufacturing. Now the company production of double solenoid valve has reached the imports, and unique performance. Points out that the domestic terminal, by the way big flow measurement is introduced or copy foreign structure is relatively complex, unstable performance of multistage shutoff valve, this product is not by the world famous professional company, because the market demand is not sufficient to take their interest. In fact our terminal using dual combination of domestic production of large flow valve, the effect will be much better. Dual combination valve is used to control parameters such as temperature, pressure, liquid level. Large valve guarantee basic amount, small valve provides compensation amount. In the relative stability of the system parameter, this type of control can reach very high precision. Number of parameter changes in larger systems, the rate of change is by some constraints, such as temperature control system, is the influence of thermal inertia. So properly double combination valve on the premise of meet the control requirements relative to the dampers can significantly reduce the cost. Electromagnetic valve diagram ( ) Three and three digital valve solenoid valve solenoid valve core has three working position, no electricity at ordinary times, in the tiny qi state, provide the initial flow valves; To an electrical signal, solenoid valves, provide large flow; To another kind of electrical signals, the valve closing valves. The valves also comes with a manual device, when the valve is closed for a long time also does not need electricity. Three solenoid valve can be regarded as a kind of structure is more compact double solenoid valve, it is very convenient to realize three adjustment, got a lot of applications. Further idea is n size into certain proportional electromagnetic valve is n kind of flow, similar to the digital circuit according to the combination valve for the digital valve. In fact two different sizes of three double valve or valve can generate = = or kind of traffic, have been able to reach very high accuracy. In principle, says it has the advantage with industrial control computer, but due to the application area has not yet provided a lot of demand, the technology is still in the stage of experiment. ( ) Type self-hold electromagnetic kuo self-hold electromagnetic valve is instantaneous electric valve switch action is completed, the valve core position does not need to maintain. Its advantage is to save energy, especially the battery as a power source, and don't consider the temperature rise, thereby coil long life, such as high and low temperature, explosion-proof occasions with higher security. Common mechanical keep and maintain permanent magnet, and double coil and one coil, keep one coil magnetic structure in the most simple. It was based on the change of dc power supply polarity change the two kinds of state of the switch valve. The electromagnetic valve installed separately coil wiring need to add a switch, and matched with intelligent instrument is very convenient. Precharge gas meters and water meter with one of the solenoid valve is key to the success or failure of the instrument, the self-hold technology is an important factor in the success or failure of solenoid valve, the self-hold electromagnetic in domestic are becoming mature, the company has for many smart meter factory provide matching. Explosion-proof solenoid valve, high pressure gas solenoid valve solenoid valve, solenoid valve, steam, water use, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, and so on professional custom production are welcome to call technical support hotline director wang
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