Electromagnetic valve installation and maintenance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Electromagnetic valve is one of the valve gate is commonly used in automatic control system, it with low cost, simple to use, convenient and reliable, Can directly to the PLC or DCS switch control signal) And get the consistent favour of users. It is a good thing, of course, also have to use when can play its proper function, the following is the electromagnetic valve used in installation and maintenance problems need to be aware of simple descriptions. Installation note: 1, to check whether the electromagnetic valve is consistent with the selection of parameters, such as power supply voltage, medium pressure, pressure, power supply, in particular, if you make a mistake, will burn out the coil. Power supply voltage should be meet the rated voltage range: + 10% ~ - Dc + 10% ~ 15%, - 10%, coil components should not be open at ordinary times. 2, before taking over the pipe to wash, the metal powder in the pipeline and the sealing material residues, scale and rust removal, etc. To pay attention to the cleanliness of medium, if within the medium mixed with dirt and impurities, such as not impair the normal work of the electromagnetic valve, pipe should be installed in the filter or filter. 3, general electromagnetic solenoid valve parts should be vertical, the vertical installed in a horizontal pipe at the ground, if the space restrictions or conditions requirements must be installed according to the side, should be made in the selection when ordering. Otherwise may cause electromagnetic valve can't work normally. 4 should add manually before and after the cut off valve, electromagnetic valve, at the same time should be bypassed, facilitate in electromagnetic valve failure and maintenance. 5, the electromagnetic valve is generally directed, not backward, typically on the valve body with & rarr; Points out that the medium flow direction, to in accordance with the installation & rarr; Indicate the direction of the installation. But in the vacuum tube road or special circumstances can reverse. 6, if the water hammer will be the media, then you should choose waterproof hammer function of electromagnetic valve or take appropriate preventive measures. 7, try not to let the electromagnetic valve at a long time, this easy to reduce the service life of the coil and even burn out the coil, that is to say, normally open, normally closed electromagnetic valves cannot be used interchangeably. 8, steam with electromagnetic valve inlet side should be equipped with a drain valve, it take over should tilt. Electromagnetic valve of the common faults and eliminate 1, the electromagnetic valve does not work after the power supply: check whether the power connection bad & rarr; Connectors and wiring connection again; Check whether the power supply voltage is within the scope of work → Transferred to the normal position; Check whether the coil is desoldering & rarr; To welding. Coil short-circuit & rarr; Replace the coil; Working pressure difference is not appropriate & rarr; Adjust the pressure difference & rarr; Or replacement of proportion of electromagnetic valve; The fluid temperature is too high & rarr; Change of proportion of electromagnetic valve; Have impurities to make electromagnetic valve of the main valve core and the moving core card die & rarr; For cleaning, such as sealing damaged seal and install the filter should be changed; Liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and the life has come & rarr; Replace the product. 2, the electromagnetic valve cannot be closed: main valve core or moving iron core of seal damaged & rarr; Replace the seal; Whether the fluid temperature, viscosity too high & rarr; Replacement of the electromagnetic valve; Have impurities into the electromagnetic valve main valve core or moving iron core & rarr; For cleaning; Spring had come to life or deformation & rarr; Replacement; Orifice balance hole plug & rarr; Timely cleaning; Working frequency is too high or life has come & rarr; For products or product update. 3, other conditions: internal leakage & rarr; Check whether the seal is damaged, the spring is bad assembly; External leakage & rarr; Joint looseness or seal has bad & rarr; Screw or replace the seal; Electricity from time to tome noise & rarr; The strong leader a loose and tighten. Voltage fluctuation is not allowed within the scope of adjust voltage. Core surface impurities or uneven absorption, clean or replace in a timely manner.
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