Electromagnetic valve installation and maintenance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
When the goods should be check electromagnetic valve whether sign or label on the model, parameters when placing order, put forward model, parameter is consistent, if there is an error, please immediately contact the supplier. Read the instructions carefully before installation, check whether the actual operating conditions in you purchased products within the scope of use, if the parameters exceed the permitted range, please immediately stop working conditions on site installation or use and consult our, lest cause an accident or damage to the product. In strict accordance with the installation steps, remember that matters needing attention and main points, prohibit violations, completes the preparation work before installation. Before electromagnetic valve and piping connection with acuity, MPa air or water pipe to wash, to ensure that the impurities in the pipeline, Such as welding slag, sealing residue, dirt, etc. ) Remove solenoid valve after connection. Solenoid valve should not be installed in the pipeline of dips, if installed in a container discharge pipe section, pipe exports should try not to extract, from the bottom of the container to the bottom of the container deposit after impurities out into the solenoid valve failure, so from the bottom of the container is a bit on pipeline exits derivation. Solenoid valve normally only one-way use, is installed backwards, typically on the valve body with the flow direction of medium '- >' mark said, 'IN' or the English letters entrance, 'OUT' said exports, please click here to indicate the direction installation, otherwise when fluid reach solenoid valve will automatically open or leakage phenomenon. Took over attention, sealing material do not use too much, such as screw thread connection, the takeover of external thread length is not more than, electromagnetic valve, effective length of internal thread and outer thread front half pitch with file chamfering, since thread of sealing tape, or excessive seal tape or adhesive residue into the lumen of the electromagnetic valve will cause failure. Solenoid valves shall ensure that the fluid to the requirement of fluid without impurities, crystallize, solidify or not scaling, do not paste, viscosity < CST, otherwise it will cause trouble, at the same time should be in electromagnetic valve installed on the front end of the pipe filters, and filter mesh mesh should be, or to avoid impurities into the solenoid valve. Pay attention to the protection grade you ordered products, type cannot be used in explosive dangerous situations, IP level should not be installed in the open air, serious leaks, splashing water. Solenoid valve should be installed in horizontal pipe coil should be vertical upward, shall not be installed vertically, otherwise it will cause leakage and influence life span. Electromagnetic valve installation position should be set aside a certain space, so that the daily maintenance and regular maintenance. In the pipes under the condition of insufficient rigidity or water hammer, recommend to use before and after the valve pipe fixed bracket or any other way, when the solenoid valve work in case caused by vibration. In the freezing cold or place when using, must use insulating material of pipe and valve body heat preservation or set the heater in the line. Solenoid valve and pipeline connected, must carry on the positive - Do not reverse the crackdown, otherwise it will damage the electromagnetic valve) And check for leaks electromagnetic valve and to take over the place. For solenoid valves equipped with standard junction box, plastic box should be removed to open the factory test after the power cord to remove the user the power cord is connected to the terminals on the fixed, while for wire or wire type solenoid valve can not remove, connect the wire with the user directly. Associated with electromagnetic valve power supply control circuit and the facilities, such as relays, switches and contactor should be connected firmly, can not have loose or vibration, the electric circuits of the line to access the corresponding insurance, as electric circuit protection, otherwise will affect the normal work of the solenoid valve or damage. To facilitate normal maintenance or prevent electromagnetic valve failure repair replacement, and ensure the normal operation of the system. Solenoid valve is installed on inspection preparation test process is complete, must pass into the fluid action to try again, confirmed rear can put into normal use. Note that if you tell us when you order solenoid valve is liquid, and gas is piped in, when test if produce excess leakage or leakage, is normal phenomenon, because of gas and liquid density and viscosity differences, at this time if you pass into the liquid does not leak or overweight. Over the years, the electromagnetic valve is always focus on the needs of customers, ongoing solenoid valve product research and development and innovation, a number of technology research at the international advanced level and domestic leading level. Please contact details about the electromagnetic valve manufacturing technology director wang
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