Electromagnetic valve installation process

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Parsing solenoid valve installation time as the government and enterprises on the electromagnetic valve development and production of the penetration of electromagnetic valve industry sustainable and healthy development of our country, to develop the technology content of products is increased, and some imported electromagnetic valve performance. In shanghai-nanjing high-speed rail and the Shanghai world expo equipment widely used in the domestic solenoid valve. Imported electromagnetic valve ending price expensive, coordination &liaision instead long, the difficulty of maintenance. To achieve widespread high praise, also took the allegiance of numerous consumers. Electromagnetic valve according to the steps, the electromagnetic valve before installation should be thoroughly clean the pipe. Access into the medium should be without impurities. The front loading filters. , the electromagnetic valve shall ensure that the voltage at rated voltage [ %] ( %] Normal work within range. , the electromagnetic valve is installed, the pipe can not have reverse pressure difference. Several times and electricity, and make it warm rear can put into use. , when installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve body shall be consistent with the medium flow direction. Not in a direct drop or splashing water. Solenoid valve should be installed vertically up. , when the electromagnetic valve failure or cleaning, in order to ensure the system continues to run, should install bypass device.
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