Electromagnetic valve manufacturers need to improve the competitiveness

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Current domestic production enterprises with more solenoid valve. But most of these companies are making low-end products, Water electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, steam stainless steel solenoid valve, gas solenoid valve, etc. ) , and the types of production is chaos, there is no specific classification, there are also many enterprises is repeated in the production of some obsolete aging type, unable to adapt to market competition. These restricted the domestic solenoid valve enterprise competitiveness, particularly in the excellent electromagnetic valve product competitiveness ( Such as explosion-proof solenoid valve, high temperature high pressure solenoid valve, solenoid valve, anti-corrosion solenoid valve, emergency cut-off solenoid valve, self-hold electromagnetic valve, etc. ) 。 In order to improve the electromagnetic valve enterprise competitiveness, we will set up belongs to the solenoid valve is an international brand, to participate in the international market competition. First, countries should strengthen supervision and guidance of solenoid valve manufacturing enterprise. Guide domestic companies to introduce, absorb, absorb international advanced production technology and production standards. At the same time, cooperation with domestic universities and technical research institutions, to strengthen the ability of independent research and development, improve the production and research and development technology. Second, the country should strengthen the solenoid valve capital investment and preferential policy. To foster a batch of production and research and development has a strong ability of backbone enterprises, to integrate the solenoid valve industry. * after the country to train the ability of design and production of professional personnel. Enhance the competitiveness of the industry as a whole. Solenoid valve manufacturer to improve competitiveness and electric solenoid valve solenoid valve structure difference * big limit mining industry development potential
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