Electromagnetic valve market prospects but specification management in China

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Our electromagnetic valve management and standardization of market prospects but lack the Internet admin time at present, the domestic solenoid valve production backbone enterprises can according to ISO international standards, the German DIN standards, AWWA standard American international standards such as design and manufacture all kinds of electromagnetic valve, part of the products reached the international advanced level. Although solenoid valve industry overall level has a larger increase, but also the quality is not stable, such as run, run, drip, leak phenomenon often appears in the domestic solenoid valve. Solenoid valve in China market price is more stable, although a slight lift every year, but are small. In addition, the supporting ability of solenoid valve is also compared with the developed countries there is still a big gap between. Solenoid valve is low profit products, the market competition is fierce. Is the distribution of the electromagnetic valve market, mainly on the basis of the construction of the project, the electromagnetic valve is the biggest user department of department of petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and urban construction department. Petrochemical industry the main application of API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve; Power sector mainly adopts power station with high temperature and pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve and relief valve, and part of the water supply and drainage valve of low pressure butterfly valve, gate valve; The chemical industry mainly adopts stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve; Metallurgical industry mainly adopts low voltage large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen cut-off valve and ball valve; Urban construction department mainly adopts low-pressure valve, such as urban tap water pipeline mainly adopts large-diameter gate, building construction mainly USES the center line butterfly valve, city heating mainly adopts metal sealing butterfly valve; Pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve; The pharmaceutical industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve; The food industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve and so on. Solenoid valve used in water treatment industry, mainly in low pressure electromagnetic valve products, such as butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve. It is understood that currently on the market for electromagnetic valve of a certain scale enterprises, most distribution in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces and the central plains area. Due to the product technology content requirements are relatively low, therefore, competition is more intense. On the one hand, the electromagnetic valve products in our country is faced with good opportunities for development. As the oil development to the mainland oil fields and the transfer of offshore oil field, as well as the electric power industry from the following kilowatts thermal power to more than kilowatts of thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, solenoid valve products should be based on equipment application domain changes to change its properties and corresponding parameters. Urban construction system generally USES a large number of low pressure solenoid valve, and to the development of environmental protection and energy-saving, namely by the use of low iron gate toward environmental protection rubber sheet, balance valve, the transition metal sealing butterfly valve and the midline sealing butterfly valve. Oil and gas engineering to develop in the direction of pipelining, it requires a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve. The other side of the energy development is energy saving, so in terms of energy conservation, to develop the steam trap, and high toward the subcritical and supercritical parameter. Power plant construction toward large-scale development, so the need of large diameter and high pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve, at the same time also need quick opening and closing solenoid valve. Package engineering needs, the electromagnetic valve supply by a single species to more varieties and on the other hand, we have to many problems in electromagnetic valve market seriously. Because the electromagnetic valve market in China has basically formed state-owned, collective, joint ventures, and private individuals coexist. In the fierce market competition requires steady development, companies are focusing on the following problem to reduce the production cost, with an eye to improve product performance and efficiency; Grade of high and new product development or sheet small batch production of non-standard products; Through the electromagnetic valve products of international quality certification; Electromagnetic valve products should be to develop in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving. But hard to avoid has the individual for the purpose of profit, the manufacturers willing to damage the interests of others, in disrupting the normal electromagnetic valve product market development. Solenoid valve in China market price is more stable, although a slight lift every year, but are small. Discovered from the electromagnetic valve of north China market, many enterprises for the profit of shoddy, seriously disturbed the solenoid valve market. Main problems for a solenoid valve market, part of the operators to buy solenoid valve without name address, print famous manufacturer of famous brand and certificate of approval, cause serious harm to qualified solenoid valve enterprise reputation. Second, refurbished solenoid valve, part of the operator through the old solenoid valve to paint a second time after sales, bring serious security hidden danger to the engineering quality. Through the analysis of the electromagnetic valve market, solenoid valve products in China market has a good development prospects, but it must be through standardize market order and strict management, eliminate vicious competition, here called peers of conscience and the quality of government regulation.
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