Electromagnetic valve needs to be improved to adapt to the rapid technology development of vacuum packaging machinery

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve needs to be improved to adapt to the rapid technology development of electromagnetic valve of vacuum packaging machinery can be improved to adapt to the development of the Internet admin times in century s, China began to vacuum packaging machinery production development faster, from the introduction of technology digestion and absorption, high starting point. After years of development, has been able to in the production of various types of vacuum packaging machine filter. Except for a handful of provinces and autonomous regions such as xinjiang, Tibet, qinghai, production enterprises all over the country, but the vacuum packaging machine as the main products of the enterprise in the minority, mostly engaged in medium and small enterprises, many enterprises production in assembly. Relatively complete product varieties existing in our country, can basically meet the needs of the market, the main varieties have a single room, double room, butterfly conveyor, intubation, rotating vacuum chamber, hot forming, inflatable, mix with semi-automatic operation is given priority to, automatic continuous, large vacuum chamber and trap is suitable for the vacuum packaging machine is less liquid packaging. The lack of efficient and dedicated vacuum packaging machine. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging machine in our country is mostly in glasses valve on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign technology, in the aspect of design, structure compared with similar foreign models disparity is not obvious, but problems such as accessories quality closes nevertheless, make the whole machine use reliability and similar foreign models is still a gap. The application of high and new technology driven vacuum packaging machinery continuous improvement in the overall design. Ball Valves in the aspect of filling the mixed gas and heat pipe heat sealing technology, high vacuum electromagnetic valve, etc. , developed countries have been widely used, high and new technology gap in this field is more obvious in our country, it remains to be further development, some varieties such as determinant vacuum packing also to fill in the blanks. In the future China should constantly tracking the vacuum packaging machine of advanced foreign technology, accelerate the application of high and new technology, fill the blank varieties, and attaches great importance to the component parts of production, improve reliability, expand the scope of use.
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