Electromagnetic valve of intelligent system to promote agricultural efficient water saving irrigation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve of intelligent system to promote agricultural efficient water saving irrigation as the country's first Internet xiao wu time efficient water-saving demonstration county, this year, the call to seek wall county by implementing automation intelligent irrigation system, new technologies, such as high efficiency water saving reform, comprehensively promote efficient water saving agriculture. So far, the county efficient water area of ten thousand acres, efficient water-saving coverage rate %, administrative villages efficient water-saving coverage rate %. Intelligent irrigation system each electromagnetic valve outlet installed these two days, big king xinfeng Philippine pond village much benevolence is busy to cotton drops of water, looking at cotton lush, branches covered with buds, wang more than benevolence beaming. He told me, 'have a lifetime of cotton, cotton this year looks the best, we used a one kind of just don't come out like this. 'The king said more than benevolence, cotton is breathtaking, mainly thanks to intelligent irrigation system. Intelligent irrigation system is mainly composed of sensors, controllers, water art network and background monitoring system, solenoid valve and the water supply system to form, the system changed the previous irrigation automation only emphasize the field automation valve control method, realized the field irrigation automatic control, water pump control, fertilization, filter backwash control, greatly improving the efficiency of efficient water saving project. Wang ren said 'now it is too easy, without manual operation, directly on the computer platform, with remote control can shut or open, it is all automated, farmers saved a lot of things for us. 'In the installation and use of automation intelligent irrigation system, call to seek wall county on the basis of land circulation, promoting for the first unit automation intelligent irrigation system, realized the big first filtration, sedimentation tank water level control, entrance gate control, small amount of fill valve open and close the first full automation control. Xinfeng Philippine pond bonanza to farmers' professional co-operatives in automatic intelligent irrigation system, under the impetus of the circulation of the village more than acres, all pick up cotton planting machine, which not only liberated the labor force, and improve the efficiency of peasant farming, the farmers' income to get rich. More than years, wang ren mu to full circulation of home to roll to farmers' professional co-operatives, oneself also came to the cooperative work, a year income reached ten thousand yuan. He happily said, 'now farming so easily, I a person to manage the acres of cotton, daughter-in-law also to work outside, a year down, gross yuan-yuan wan or so. 'Call to seek wall county big xinfeng party committee Sun Shuwen told me' efficient water-saving agriculture really let farmers from the land, before we need hundreds of individual farming, now a few people will be able to manage the entire cooperative of cotton. Rich labor force engaged in secondary and tertiary industries in go out, we also from Philippine pond in the village of per capita income in yuan, added to the yuan, per capita income increased diversity. 'It is reported that so far, wall county land circulation area into mu, for the first unit building automation intelligent irrigation system, involves the automated irrigation area, ten thousand mu, automatic and intelligent irrigation area, ten thousand mu.
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