Electromagnetic valve of water heater burning gas ignition failure inspection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Electromagnetic valve of water heater burning gas ignition little su time circuit fault check the network security checks can say most of the water heater is in use for a long time, are inevitably pipeline aging would happen. If long time not for maintenance, the use of easy to occur in the process of electricity leakage. And leakage of gas water heater is the danger of device in the home, always have the risk of electric shock, therefore, the circuit is essential to check, check the leakage protection plug, press test whether normal takeoff, abnormal need to change; , check all buttons are in normal and abnormal, need to change; , open the mask, check the circuit connection to loosen, the phenomenon such as deformation; , check if the wires are aging and damage, if found on the surface insulation aging, damage should be replaced. Water security check the fault of gas water heater we most often encounter is the hot and cold water temperature, the reason is often water pressure instability in the home. Eliminate high floor in the home, summer water concentration, is likely to be the water leakage in the home or jam, therefore, the following should pay attention to check, check that the Angle of cold and hot water valve is normal, if the damage should be replaced; And check whether there is water valve joint and heat exchanger joint leakage, water seepage phenomenon, if any should be adjusted; , check in and out of the water if there is a leak phenomenon, the connecting pipe and the outlet of if there is leakage or damage to the water element to change in time; Check, whether the inlet filter blockage, and if so to clean up in time. Pneumatic safety inspection when it comes to the safety of the gas water heater is one of the most critical gas leakage problem. It's hot in summer, is essentially closed doors and Windows at home blow air conditioning. Once the gas leakage gas water heater, gas water heater without built-in alarm functions, is likely to pose a threat to the personal safety of family, so it's best to regular gas water heater in the home to do a gas circuit inspection, under the condition of the air supply is sufficient, remove the relief valve check port of metal mesh for blocking phenomenon, if the wall, should be thoroughly remove dirt; Use soap to check the gas path of joint sealing, if there is leakage phenomenon to check whether there is damage, pneumatic seals or element if the damage should be replaced; , check whether the user home rubber hose is aging, if already aging should be replaced in a timely manner, Rubber hose months need to change) 。 Exhaust system check gas water heater burning high temperature exhaust gas from the exhaust pipe discharge, once the exhaust pipe clogging situation, lead to the fan running an exception occurs, serious word can make water heater off directly. In addition, the exhaust gas temperature is very high (from the burning of About ℃) , this also leads to the temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high, therefore, both inside and outside of the exhaust pipe is need to check, to check whether there is congestion in exhaust pipe inside, if there is a need to clean up in time; , check the CM range around smoke exhaust pipe for flammable items, if any must be removed or dismantled; , check the heat exchanger for carbon or product scale, if you have any Suggestions for cleaning; , check whether the tail out of the wall of smoke tube cm above, if no longer smoke exhaust pipe; Ignition system can't ignition happens to check the gas water heater in the home, because a significant proportion of the cause of the ignition system fault, obviously, it is also important to check for ignition system, check whether the electromagnetic valve can close, if not need to be removed and open the electromagnetic valve, check whether the core is flexible action, if any fault should replace the solenoid valve; , check the pulse igniter, if pulse ignitor bad, will not lead to solenoid valve for the appropriate voltage and cannot absorb, result in gas path and not on fire; , to check whether there is abnormal playing fire, such as carbon deposition, rust, etc, it should be replaced in a timely manner; Using gas water heater must be safe, timely check, nip in the bud. Electromagnetic valve professional custom production, consult the electromagnetic valve factory technical adviser director wang
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