Electromagnetic valve product processing production faces a bigger development space

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Solenoid valve product processing production faces a bigger development space in China's current valve market, in addition to the low pressure valve acceptable level to the international market, the high pressure solenoid valve still need to rely on imports. Under the present situation of the macro economy prosperous, the majority of China's valve industry enterprise production and sales targets are maintained a fast growth, but affected by the price war, industry sales revenue and profit was dropped sharply over the same period last year. As the world economic recovery, China's valve products import and export has also grown, but due to the high-end technology, there is still a large gap compared with foreign manufacturers in the future for a period, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products. Solenoid valve is petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace and Marine sectors of the national economy such as oil indispensable fluid control equipment. The number of valve enterprise after years of development, our country in the world first, more than about various size valve, of which more than ten thousand yuan output value. But from the product, the valve industry in our country now can produce more than 10 categories of products, such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, diaphragm valve, steam trap, emergency shut-off valve, etc. , the highest temperature reached ℃, the lowest for - ℃, the highest pressure for MPa, the drift diameter to mm. Also according to the relevant departments to statistics, China valve market turnover of up to one hundred million yuan a year, of which more than one hundred million yuan by foreign enterprises solenoid valve occupation of the market. At present, China's valve industry there are still some problems, such as the major enterprises in China valve is given priority to with low level, small, cottage industry enterprises. On the products, due to the repeated investment, technology transfer enough, the leading enterprises in China valve products is still low-quality mass products. At present our country enterprise in the production of a variety of a common valve leakage, leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life, and not flexible operating valve electric device and pneumatic devices such unreliable shortcomings, partial product is the size of s of last century the international level, some high temperature and high pressure valves and key device need still rely on imports. In addition China's valve industry in the industrial structure, the valve industry chain, and in the degree of industry specialization is the gap with foreign enterprises. Causes of the low quality of domestic products is that as the market is rapidly expanding, the original state-owned enterprises valve are closed and, although a number of the rapid development of township enterprises, but because of the low starting point of township enterprises, technical strength is very weak, poorly equipped, most products are imitation production, especially the serious problem of water supply and drainage with low pressure valve. But the problem does not affect the valve industry in China and broad prospects. Mainly thanks to the support of national policy and valve products market strong demand, especially several century engineering of west to east gas pipeline, xd to east, such as the south-north water diversion project construction need a lot of form a complete set of high pressure solenoid valve products. In addition our country is faced with the advent of the era of industrialization, the petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and urban construction using a large valve will increase the demand for valve products. Electric power industry during the '11th five-year' in coal unit needed for large and medium-sized construction project a total of predicting valve total demand for valve, ten thousand tons, annual demand, ten thousand tons; Valve is one hundred million yuan, the total demand, is the annual demand, one hundred million yuan. In addition, China is becoming the world's largest processing plants, processed products produced in greater space for development. Explosion-proof solenoid valve, high pressure gas solenoid valve solenoid valve, solenoid valve, steam, water use, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, and so on professional custom production are welcome to call technical support hotline director wang
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