Electromagnetic valve smooth the summer wear waterproof coat

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Electromagnetic valve wear waterproof coat smooth the summer China petrochemical news network doubleli times China petrochemical news network - with the arrival of the summer heat, yanshan petrochemical operational maintenance center instrument a gas points of storage and transportation, as a factory the spherical tank of LPG tank farm six sets of electromagnetic valve in advance put on metal protective clothing, let solenoid valve estivate steadily. Every arrive the summer heat comes, yanshan petrochemical storage and transportation plant in order to ensure safe operation of tank farm liquefied petroleum gas storage tank, gas points will promptly open the spherical tank spray cooling facilities for tank body. A large number of spray water in the spray into the tanks at the same time, will also fall in the bottom of the tank spraying, entry cut-off solenoid valve, cause electromagnetic valve be affected with damp be affected with damp or corrosion damage, cause electromagnetic valve misoperation, seriously affect the normal operation of the LPG storage tank safety. In addition, the summer rain, also can cause gas points entrances to cut off the solenoid valve at the bottom of the tank farm spherical tank get wet by rain, in the wet state for a long time can cause electromagnetic valve maloperation or refuse to move, affect the safe operation of liquefied petroleum gas storage tank. To eliminate this instrument equipment, instrument a joint operational maintenance center instrument class all audit to countermeasures actively, view the scene environment, the use of scrap iron to gas tank farm machine to cut off the solenoid valve made a beautiful cover, to cut off the solenoid valve wear waterproof 'appearance', eliminating the spray water and the summer rainfall of solenoid valve erosion the safe hidden trouble. The graph is duty officer is checking electromagnetic valve cover
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