Electromagnetic valve tender procurement announcement to the shandong weiqiao pioneering group co

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Solenoid valve to the shandong weiqiao pioneering group public bidding announcement electromagnetic valve solenoid valve factory time bidding procurement China bid procurement, project name fluorine road way solenoid valve. Bidding, project number, the principle, content and main technical parameters of fluorine road through bidding solenoid valve LD Ⅱ pieces, time of bid opening, bid to buy the start time, and the tender deadline, purchase tender documents site wrinkle ping county wei spinning road, bid purchase price ( Yuan) 。 , the deposit amount ( Yuan) 。 Quick quotation, bidding guidelines, offer tax, inclusive of delivery charges. Must ensure the quality, indicating any spot and delivery date. Contact He Qingguang phone messages
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