Electromagnetic valve testing equipment market demand is big

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Electromagnetic valve testing equipment market demand large Internet xiao wu independent development and innovation of auto industry, needs strong parts system as support, the ensuing problems such as the safety and reliability of auto parts need test equipment to ensure that parts. Solenoid valve is to use electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, may coordinate the different circuit to achieve the desired control, plays an indispensable role in the control system. Subsequent performance testing for electromagnetic valve products related test equipment is in the huge market demand. High quality turf auto parts, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, motor, elevator, and other areas of the assembly and test, in the test set up auto parts business, promote the technology of electromagnetic valve testing equipment research and development, has the independent research and development a series of electromagnetic valve testing equipment. At the same time, high product has to provide transmission solenoid valve testing equipment for BorgWarner, and Delphi Delphi a solenoid valve testing equipment project cooperation. Among them, high product is developed by BorgWarner transmission solenoid valve testboard, meet the needs of equipment performance test. Test bench consists of frame, test line, test control system, data acquisition card. Mainly in certain oil temperature condition, the control under the condition of different flow rate, test temperature, viscosity and pressure curve relationship, so as to test transmission solenoid valve performance. Test bed can provide up to ℃ oil temperature test, control oil pressure range at the bar, flow control range of cc/s, the viscosity for the test range, cp. Electrical control and PLC adopts Siemens. At the same time, the use of high-performance data acquisition card by NI, the sensor data. Transmission solenoid valve testboard hydraulic system includes the oil temperature of the heating circuit and test loop. The tank oil temperature in the hours from ℃ ℃ heat, oil temperature control precision of plus or minus ℃. Tank of liquid level or temperature over high and low limit, the system automatically alarm and shutdown, to ensure the safety of the working process of the platform.
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