Electromagnetic valve troubleshooting southern shenzhen cabin to ensure Spring Festival transportation capacity

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Electromagnetic valve troubleshooting southern shenzhen cabin to ensure Spring Festival transportation capacity in the electromagnetic valve Spring Festival approaching, the streets of shenzhen has been decorated, let a person feel the festive celebrations. China southern airlines co. , LTD. ( China Southern Airlines Company Limited, referred to as 'Southern') Shenzhen the crew cabins repair shop repair shop as usual, every day on the plane the check. They give up vacation time, strengthen the maintenance of cabin facilities during Spring Festival, so that passengers home can always feel China southern high quality, warm and thoughtful air service. Month day evening, B plane reflects A seat can't all let out, after receiving information, workshop maintenance personnel Chen Shikang immediately rushed to the plane cabin, begin to inspection of the relevant member. Due to A seat is A luxurious first-class seats, every chair equipment cost more than million, and equipped with advanced seat operating system, passengers can operate the whole seat to lie on your back, comfortable in the above in order to reduce travel fatigue, truly experience the luxurious first-class quality service. If seat can't be all sent out, therefore, is bound to make passenger service is restricted, cannot fully enjoy the luxurious seats bring comfort, affect the mood of my trip will affect China southern premium brand image. With the past work experience, Chen Shikang first three actuation of seat tube, after confirm the normal function of actuating cylinder, began to control components, ECU) The function of the test. After the hardware no problem Chen Shikang didn't lose heart, but find fault source more positively, all knowledge about seat structure and operating principle in the brain quickly again. In the reference manual, after a series of trying to finally find the reason on the solenoid valve seat. Migration is the electromagnetic valve of connection point and the seat is not fully released, the solenoid valve will be put in place the transmit the signals to the control component, makes the actuating cylinder cannot continue, seat so we can not put in position. After found the problem, Chen Shikang immediately opened the relevant cover plate, adjust the position of the solenoid valve, after repeated testing, seat and smooth, ruled out the fault. Seat fault rule out smoothly, make workshop during the Spring Festival effectively reduces the cabin seat reservation project, ensure the reliability and comfort, cabin seats for the increase of load factors during the Spring Festival transportation to ensure reliable capacity.
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