Enterprise electronic controllers and solenoid valve to 'swipe drainage'

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Enterprise electronic controllers and solenoid valve to 'swipe drainage' electronic controller and the electromagnetic valve of zhejiang shaoxing evening ShiYuXiang times online, people to buy things can brush calorie of consumption, the enterprise will also charge blowdown. Yesterday, the reporter understands from the municipal environmental protection bureau, in order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction, by the month this year, the city companies will install a 'total' swipe sewage automatic control system, if the enterprise pollution gross exceeds bid, the system will automatically close drain pipe valves. Shaoxing is the province's building and operation of the system of the pilot city, across the country, a 'swipe pollution' is also one of the few. Specific measures is installed at the outlet of the enterprise a set of electronic controllers and solenoid valves, through on-line monitoring system, to the enterprise implementation of the total emission monitoring. If the discharge of pollutants by enterprise total more than a year of allocation, the outlet of valve will automatically shut down. Yesterday, the municipal environmental protection bureau environmental monitoring center director, said the system investment about ten thousand yuan, in urban areas ( Including the urban area, robe river new city, jinghu district, shaoxing economic development zone) Many companies take the lead in implementation, including installation site pollution total amount control system, remote management control system and the transmission network. The municipal environmental protection bureau personnel can through online monitoring, real-time understand the pollution situation of the enterprise, and take measures. The municipal environmental protection bureau concerned personage introduction, the installation of the system, like in the original lavishly the discharge of pollutants by enterprise's head a tight, if the distribution of the emission index finished ahead of time, companies will not be able to continue to produce.
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