Equipment of electric ball valve control and adjustment

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Electric ball valve control device of the equipment and adjust the primary needs pay attention to the following: 1, the type of purchase standard according to the figure to fix the equipment, earthing terminal on the rear panel is necessary to firmly grounded. Number 2, control device and circuit diagram of electric equipment is the same, with cable according to the same terminal number connects the control device and electric equipment, if the user does not need on-site control, 12, 13, 14 terminal is not answered. Control is used to automatic control system of electric valve, 12, 13, 14 terminal is used to 'active', 'active close' of the corresponding signal input terminals. Electric o-type ball valve 3, press the power button, the power indicator light is lit, the remote control switch to remote control, remote control indicator. 4, using the handwheel to open valve to 50% opening, press valve open or close the valve keys, to check the electric valve of handedness and press the button isn't common, if not immediately suspend button together, to cut off the three-phase power supply, exchange of arbitrary two phase of three-phase power supply. 5, press the open key, when the valve is fully open in place, open the valve of the indicator light on the front panel. Press where the valve, when the valve is fitted in place, the valve indicator light on the front panel; When the valve is in open or close the demand to suspend the process, the press stop, stop valve. Take short terminal 4 and 7, the incident light on the front panel. 6, when the electric ball valve is in full open position, adjust potentiometer on the front panel, the opening table showed 100%. 7, the remote control switch to the scene, the scene indicator, short circuit 12 and 13 terminals, valve and open operation, dynamic conditions for point; Short circuit number 12 and 14 terminals, the valve to close to the operation, dynamic conditions for point. 8, the insurance tube on the rear panel 5 x 20, 1 A. Function request according to the engineering control of electric valve, electric valve, the control function is finished by electric equipment. The intention of the use of electric valve, the valve is open, closed, and adjust the linkage to complete the manual or electric control computer manipulation. Electric equipment used now not only to save manpower. Because different manufacturer product function and quality difference is bigger, therefore, selection of electric equipment and select the valves are equal important projects. http://www。 dazkfy。 com
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