Explosion-proof solenoid valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Explosion-proof solenoid valve principle: electricity, electromagnetic force open the pilot hole, the cavity pressure drops rapidly, low on the piston forms around the high differential pressure, fluid pressure forces the pistons to move up, valve door open; Power off, the spring force to close the guide hole, inlet pressure through by-pass hole quickly into the piston chamber, and on the formation and low high differential pressure, fluid pressure forces the pistons to move down, close the valve gate. Explosion-proof solenoid valve features: high fluid pressure range limit, can be arbitrary installation ( Need to customize) But fluid differential pressure conditions must be met. Coil temperature control mode: normally open, Power electricity shut, open) ; Normally closed ( Power is shut down, electric open) Nominal diameter: DN0. 5 - 500 mm protective form: explosion-proof, waterproof, manual device, signal feedback, etc. Standard voltage: AC220V, DC24V, DC12V circulation fluid medium: compressed natural gas fluid temperature: nominal pressure: 0. 03 - 100 mpa valve body material: stainless steel ( In 304, 316) Coil connection mode: type / / lead plug seal material: heat resistance, pressure, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion connection mode: flange, threaded and welding sealing structure: plane and cone surface seal leakage quantity release: zero leakage closing time: within 1 second performance characteristics: high sensitivity, strong sealing, high safety, long life, cost-effective range of industrial and mining explosion-proof solenoid valve: CNG addition, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical, electric power equipment, industrial furnaces, drying equipment, fire equipment, stage special effects, hvac, cleaning equipment, plating coating, measuring, filling machines, food industry, natural gas compression system, etc. Note: 1, the electromagnetic valve before installation must clean up the pipe material, welding slag, lest cause the valve leakage in the body. 2, electromagnetic valve general operating mode can only be installed horizontally, vertically when installation in advance. 3 after the installation, the electromagnetic valve, should be first action a few times normal rear can put into use.
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