Explosion-proof solenoid valves use instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Explosion-proof solenoid valve time usually use guidelines, all the static core diameter and height and explosion-proof adapter can form a explosion-proof solenoid coil phase, still need to pay attention to in using the following before installation, check whether there is explosion-proof logo, if yes, explosion-proof marks and whether to use for the dangerous sites. , check the power supply, voltage must be consistent with the brand logo, ac type coil shall not light electricity, because of the coil inside with over-current protection device, no-load current, current increases several times, instantaneous over-current protection, cause the coil circuit; Coils are also equipped with over-voltage protection device, when using the voltage more than rated voltage %, will cause protective device, lead to permanent coil circuit. Must cut off power supply when, inspection or repair. , coil into the cable as the core, with yellow green double color or black for the grounding wire, ground wire must be reliable grounding, shall not be plugged into a power supply, otherwise there is leakage, electric shock risk.
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