Fast drain valve discharge mechanism do you know?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-07
Fast drain valve discharge mechanism do you know? Fast drain valve is by the gate has evolved, through a gear turns 90 ℃ stem promote the realization of the aim of opening and closing. Not only has simple structure, good sealing, and small volume, light weight, less material consumption, small installation size, especially the drive torque is small, easy to operate, easy to realize rapid opening and closing. Fast drain valve is directly depend on the effects of the force to help the medium pressure in the disc of the mechanical load on the seal, the mechanical load acting on disc is mainly from the compression spring, this is almost fixed mechanical load. Although the compression spring, load can drain valve by adjusting the spring force to achieve good sealing, but the seal differential pressure must be strong enough, to ensure enough sealing force, which in the normal operation of valve sealing. Seal differential pressure should also be smaller than the opening and closing pressure difference, in order to ensure open and flexible. A, fast drain valve open ( Blowdown process) 1. Anticlockwise turn the handwheel stem drive the valve core is gradually move up, release on sealing surface, the diversion on the valve core seat gradually out of the seat inner hole, form a narrow gap, medium by symmetric orifice into the seat on the seat, a small amount of medium can flow through narrow slit, gradually reduce the system pressure. 2. Continue to turn the handwheel counterclockwise, valve core upward movement, diversion on orifice removed the seat inside the cavity, more through the medium of seat and valve throttling after successful eduction. 3. Continue to turn the handwheel counterclockwise, valve core is up to the full open position, at this point, the medium pressure greatly reduced, a large number of impurities can be directly to discharge from the valve orifice set, and the inverted the sealing seat of the vortex formation, keep clean the sealing surface, prevent adhesion of impurities on the seal. 1 second, fast drain valve closing process. Clockwise rotate the drain valve, valve rod drives the valve core is moving, the sewage is over, the system pressure is low, the orifice area on the valve sleeve gradually decreases, and guide sleeve close to the seat, and the flow direction of medium change, medium after throttling at a certain speed through the valve core and valve sealing surface, gradually strengthen the strength of the sealing surface clean. 2. Continue to turn the handwheel, the guide seat into the seat on the valve core hole, form the narrow gap throttling, because near the end of that medium has fewer impurities, the guide sleeve and the narrow gap between the seat prevents the remaining small impurities into the sealing face, medium through the slit fast flow, thorough cleaning the sealing surface, guarantee seal contact with zero leakage. 3. Continue to turn the handwheel, valve core and the seal seat contact. Seal.
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