Fasteners, increasing demand in the construction industry this year

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Nearly 30 years, with the strong development of manufacturing industry in our country, the basis of the fastener industry, as an essential part of the manufacturing chain, also made great progress. Although domestic fastener industry in 2012, but the industry is expected to achieve steady growth in 2013, fasteners production forecasts to 2013 will reach 7. 3 million tons. In 2008 by the financial crisis triggered by the global economic storm caused whole fastener industry production and operation conditions of the hit. Especially those export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, a sharp fall in the number of business, the daily output of some manufacturer only three or four daily; Some lacking the ability to resist risk, even can only be closed as a safe haven. As the financial storm influence of drifting away, beginning from the end of 2009, the national production of fastener industry has been largely restored. Since 2010, many fasteners enterprise production situation is gratifying, basically reached the level of the same period in 2008, some enterprises production and even new growth. According to relevant data statistics, fastener industry appear negative growth in 2012, fell 1. About 5%, the main reason is the insufficient market demand, especially after the fasteners on the international anti-dumping, export sales of a downward trend. At the same time, by integrating the customs data, found that in 2012 China fastener into exports were down: exports for 246. 410000 tons, the export of 45. $1. 6 billion year-on-year decline in 4, respectively. 8% and 2. 4%; Fasteners imports is 25. 240000 tons, the import amount is 28. $9. 2 billion year-on-year decline in 4, respectively. 7% and 2. 2%. Due to the rapid growth of the manufacturing production, particularly in terms of industrial machinery and motor vehicles, the demand of China's industrial fasteners are expected to be 10 per year. Growth rate is 7%, while the domestic fastener industry in 2012, but the industry is expected to achieve steady growth in 2013, fasteners production forecasts to 2013 will reach 7. 3 million tons, up to 74. 2 billion yuan. To OEM (2013 Original equipment manufacturer) With the construction market of fasteners, new demand will exceed MRO ( Maintenance, repair and maintenance) The market. OEM will maintain its leading position in the Chinese fasteners market demand, accounting for 75% of the fasteners, aggregate demand, combined with industrial machinery, vehicles, electrical and electronic products, such as the stimulation of market demand, sales of fasteners, also there will be a new growth. And the government on the construction of large infrastructure china-africa residential building construction and the construction industry demand for high quality fasteners, demand will also pull the fasteners in the construction industry. Along with the growth of China and the asean free trade area, there may be more potential free trade zone, coupled with the efforts of the Chinese enterprises to go out, the fasteners export market is expected to diversification, especially to the expansion of the emerging markets and developing countries. Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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