Feeding valve common faults ( Elimination method)

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Feeding valve common faults ( Elimination method) Common cause failure elimination method of leakage ( Refers to the valve disc and valve body of the valve seat sealing surface leakage) The sealing surface damage due to abrasion. Remove the valve disc and valve seat sealing surface dirt, wash clean with kerosene. Reprocessed or grinding disc of the valve and valve seat sealing surface. Leakage ( Leaks in the packing) Packing gland without pressure. Insufficient packing laps. Tighten packing gland nut evenly, packing pressure, pay attention to not be too tight. Remove the packing gland and pressing sleeve, increase packing laps, again appropriate pressure. Change the new packing, staggered joint note in the correct way. The handwheel ( Or the handle) Too tightly on the packing. Packing gland or pressing sleeve installation askew, jam the valve rod. The valve stem threads or valve stem nut damage or adherent dirt. The valve rod bending. Appropriate unscrew packing gland nut, make packing relaxation. Recalibration gland and pressing sleeve installation. Rebuild the valve stem threads and valve stem nut, remove dirt, coated with butter. If it is badly damaged can't repair the valve rod should be replaced or valve stem nut. Nuclear is the valve rod.
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