Fiat Multiair hydraulic solenoid air intake system in detail

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Fiat Multiair hydraulic solenoid air intake system detail car home of solenoid valves in the policy for engine fuel economy and emissions requirements higher and higher today, the giant are racking their brains make the engine more efficient environmental protection. And for engine air intake efficiency is higher, the stronger the motivation is burning more fully, all kinds of turbo technology and the technology of variable valve purpose is improving the efficiency of air intake. And the fiat to introduce below original Multi air electronically controlled hydraulic air intake system, which is by far the most perfect valve technology, the technology really so strong? On the principle of the engine air intake system and a variety of mainstream variable valve technology, we have been in the previous article in detail ( The way of breathing analytical variable valve timing/lift technology) Since the first car carrying VVT technology of mass production, it has a history of more than years of the last century s, fiat has developed the first set of variable valve timing system, while its alfa romeo will become the first VVT in s variable valve timing technology used in the production of the car manufacturers, its groundbreaking used in two different camshaft to control air intake valve and exhaust valve opening and closing time, and on the basis of successful research and development of variable valve timing system. Subsequent years, Honda, nissan and BMW manufacturers have also developed their own variable valve timing technology, but after entering s, as a pioneer VVT fiat has seen the traditional mechanical structure of the VVT technology in the lack of flexibility and responsiveness, research focus to the control precision of the electro-hydraulic control system more flexible. After overcame many difficulties, the Geneva motor show, fiat officially released its research on the technology of variable valve Multiair electronic control hydraulic air intake system. The first page of the first page, pp
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