Fire hazard problems of electromagnetic valve haier choose silence

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Fire hazard problems of electromagnetic valve haier choose silence fire hazard problems of plan world network solenoid electromagnetic valve factory plan world network, ( Jian-wen xu) Has the problem of fire hazard solenoid valve events did not seem to end because of the recall of panasonic. According to people familiar with the use of electromagnetic valve of more than a panasonic refrigerator manufacturers, such as haier refrigerator enterprises have adopted. But so far, has not been recalled processing other refrigerator brand. 'Domestic solenoid valve using the issue of refrigerator manufacturers a panasonic, haier, hisense, and so on are used, why don't they also recall? 'In the panasonic refrigerator recalls gradually faded from the public eye, a person familiar with the matter told plan world network, China into the size of the production of refrigerator solenoid valve manufacturer is not much, the two solenoid valve is located in the Shanghai company, like colorful days electric company for almost all of China's enterprises supply freezer, but at the time of the recall lit, other vendors but collective silence, silence to escape the storm. A home appliance maintenance personnel to plan world network, said 'components of general most save cost, we use a parts, this is very normal thing, unless it is pure imported. 'Don't recall, doesn't mean no problem; Silence, doesn't mean that things have nothing. In fact, the colorful days, in the introduction of electrical plan world network found that 'the main products are household refrigerator solenoid valve. 。 。 。 。 。 Be in suzhou, Qingdao haier, samsung, wuxi panasonic, Hitachi, guangzhou dalian sanyo, guangdong kelon, electrolux and other enterprise information such as the qualified supplier 'impressively in the column. In years, the company has been rated as 'quality trustworthy manufacturer haier company. 'The problem is not check a panasonic. ', people familiar with the matter said he didn't want to sing praises for panasonic, after all the products out of the question, but compared to the silent majority, the recall is responsible behavior. Source told plan world network, last month, the users have haier reflect electromagnetic valve problems, because haier need to charge RMB, so that the user is in BBS posted for help, 'which masters have haier refrigerator, the fault is a three out of the solenoid valve coil burn out, where to have sell. '' panasonic recall just raised the question of a horn, once the problems exposed in all, I'm afraid to recall the Numbers will far exceed the panasonic. Panasonic with the sales of domestic brands. ', people familiar with the matter said he is waiting for other refrigerator brand recall, 'Chinese brand in tao we purse, started playing the national brand. The problems of collective silence, so dishonest. 'Because of electromagnetic valve are fire hazards, panasonic conducted a wide range of recall last month, free for the user to replace solenoid valve problem, affecting the country refrigerator number up to ten thousand units.
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