Flange ultra high temperature gate wedge gate valve design and manufacturing standards

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
法兰式超高温楔式闸阀门设计与制造标准 设计与制造 GB/T12234 法兰尺寸 JB/T79GB/T9113 结构长度 GB/T12221 检验与试验 GB/T13927JB/T9092 超高温楔式闸阀门性能规范试验压力 公称压力PN( MPa) The test pressure ( MPa) Shell strength test on the sealing test seal test gas seal test 1. June 2. 4 to 1. August 1. 8 0. 5 - 0. July 2. 5. 3. August 2. August 2. August 4. O 6. 0. 4. 4 4. 4 wedge gate valve gate valve body material and the suitable scope of product model gate valve gate valve body materials for the work of medium temperature ( ℃) PI chromium nickel titanium steel water, steam, gas, oil, or fog, powder, granule, 550 ℃ PII high nickel-chromium steel 650 ℃ wedge gate valve gate is widely used in petrochemical, oil, steam pipeline, such as coal-fired power plants connected or truncate the medium inside the pipe opening and closing device. Wedge gate valve door main features: 1, compact structure, rational design, good rigidity valve door, channel flow, flow coefficient small 2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and carbide, service life long 3, using the flexible graphite packing, reliable seal, flexible operation of the light 4, drive mode for manual gear transmission, pneumatic, electric, 5, and form for the elastic wedge single ram, rigid wedge single ram of double ram type
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