Flanged ball valve gate and how to select the internal thread ball valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Flanged ball valves and female ball valve door should be how to choose, many units will take this factor into consideration in the design of pipeline. First of all, flanged ball valves and female ball valve door each have each advantage. Flanged ball valve door advantages: convenient disassembling in the pipeline, suitable for some medium and large chemical project. Resistance to acid and alkali stability, resistance to pressure ability strong, durable in use. Flange ball valve door disadvantages: high cost, large size, installation time, generally need two completed two or more persons. Selection is usually DN15 - DN25 caliber. Internal thread ball valve door: the advantages of small volume, convenient installation, generally applicable to domestic outfit building, or the steam pipe and other small pipes. Cheap, low cost for factory unit. The shortcoming of internal thread ball valve door: damage is not easy to tear open outfit, especially fixed the pipe. Continued weak under pressure. General selection is below (pipe specification. Taken together, flanged ball valves and female ball valve door each have advantages and disadvantages, the customer can choose to use according to the actual usage, the working principle is the same. Difference is that the flange ball valve door prices higher than internal thread ball valve door, big volume.
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