Fluorine-butterfly valves to installation and maintenance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Electric fluorine-butterfly valves fluorine plastic or plastic lining the corrosion resistance of the valve and pipe accessories, door due to its inherent special properties, in such aspects as product installation, maintenance and maintenance has the following features: 1. Valve door or pipe flange cover plate can't open it, unless the preparation and pipeline connection, otherwise PTFE flange surface may be caused by temperature difference, foreign bodies, knock against scratches or distortion and seal, such as for inspection need to move the cover plate, also must stay speed will cover plate to reset after inspection, in order to protect the PTFE flange surface. 2. Fluorine plastic or plastic lining gate valves and pipe fittings and pipe connection, the general is not in a separate use gaskets, but with dissimilar materials ( The metal surface, etc. ) Flange connect, should adopt appropriate gaskets, PTFE in order to protect the flange surface 3. In the system to use products, such as leakage in compete, shall, first of all, the system temperature down to room temperature, then find out the reason, for repair. 4. Not permitted to make any gate valves and pipe fittings in high temperature welding work, so as not to cause permanent damage to the lining layer. 5. Installation is flange nut should be according to the diagonal ( Symmetry) Uniform tightening in turn and with appropriate moment: ( 1) Flange sealing surface leakage and leakage location nut has been lock, at this time should be relaxed leak location nut, half a circle again at the same moment will be on the side to lock. ( 2) These methods are still not stop leakage, PTFE flange surface shall be checked whether there are concave and convex indentation, scratch, which can be spun yarn paper, cloth leveling to reconnect. 6. Gate valves and pipe fittings should be stored in dry and ventilated room, do not stack. 7. Long-term storage of the valve door the seal should raise separation condition, avoid seal compression permanent deformation for a long time, affect the sealing performance and service life. 8. Manual valve door, does not allow the other lever strength to force the valve open and close the door. 9. There is a requirement for directional valve door is in the installation should pay attention to the flow of medium should be suitable less indicated by the arrows on the valve body to, and ensure the operation, maintenance is convenient. 10. After repair of the valve gate before use according to the relevant standard until they have passed the test installation.
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