For the valve has been do not maintain what consequences

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
Due to the idea of maintenance and repair of the valve and the lack of equipment, currently in the domestic only plant can do in each basic downtime maintenance period for all the valves are for maintenance. Pneumatic actuators is broken again maintenance repair is a kind of uninsured raises a gender, the complete sets of equipments for the safety of the operation and the service life of the valve is very adverse, its potential emergency stop accident risk is great, the resulting loss is huge. Valve if under the condition of the uninsured raises a gender maintenance, once the leak, often is the damage is very serious, which not only increased the difficulty of repair, and often have even lose the possibility of repair and value. Therefore, for organization and management of complete valve repair work, not only should have corresponding consciousness of the people concerned, more importantly, prevention and maintenance measures, namely the regular inspection on the valve ( The sealing of the valve relative to the outside world, for example, under the valve in the closed state of closure, etc. ) 。 Preventive maintenance of the valve is the key in the first time that the valve leakage phenomenon, immediately to repair of the valve, because even in tiny circulation medium sealing surface under the condition of the damaged, can also cause the sealing surface area in a short time badly damaged, so that cause the expensive maintenance cost.
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