Foreign companies 'break into disposal' pump valve enterprise how to defence and foreign intellectual property

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Japanese enterprise dalian chang set valve co. , LTD. Unauthorized use of dalian ocean valves research and development co. , LTD. , chairman of the board of directors wen-an Yang's patent, manufacture and sale of the patented product, be wen-an Yang in the name of the company will be the Japanese companies to court, starting in 2008, although dalian chang set valve co. , LTD. , constant appeal in five years, is still damages. Ma Weiye analyzes believed that in the international market, three kinds of products are most likely to become the object of foreign enterprises against: one is the product of an enterprise to follow the international mainstream technology; Secondly, the products occupy a higher market share; Three is the core patent products lack. “ Once businesses have these products, pose a threat to foreign companies, foreign companies will use this weapon to crack down on intellectual property rights of Chinese competitors. ” Based on the research and development advantages, foreign pump valve companies since the 1990 s began in China & other; Break into disposal & throughout; 。 In the basic completion of the intellectual property strategy layout, the multinational companies have gradually into the harvest, with mature experience in business strategy and intellectual property litigation, to the rapid development of high-tech enterprises in China often & other Challenged & throughout; 。 Ma Weiye said that part of the multinational companies even take & other; Playing hard to get & throughout; Intellectual property strategy, through the domestic market, cultivating and developing the infringer again to secure job, in the form of litigation to obtain huge economic compensation. In addition, China's intellectual property rights disputes concerning foreign affairs of another important reason cannot avoid & ndash; — — Pump valve research and development and the independent innovation ability of enterprise in China is not high, and general lack of intellectual property protection consciousness. Although more and more of the pump valve enterprise began to pick up intellectual property & other Sword & throughout; , take the initiative to maintain their own rights and interests, however, there are also many companies reveal a fear of foreign intellectual property rights protection. Ma Weiye analysis, on the one hand, this is because 1 piece of intellectual property rights cases is spending millions of dollars of litigation costs, will cost a lot of manpower material resources. But more important reason is that domestic pump valve enterprises generally don't understand foreign laws, domestic and lack of corresponding consultancy, enterprise is difficult to use the professional legal procedures to defend himself. The escape, however, the consequences of not responding attitude often leads to direct against Chinese companies have to accept huge license fee and compensation, some enterprises in order to avoid intellectual property licensing fees even choose to give up the international market. Ma Weiye said, & other; Pump valve enterprise must develop & lsquo; Strong-arm reaction & rsquo; In spirit, have the courage to foreign intellectual property disputes with foreign enterprises to benefit gambling. ” Chinese enterprises must improve the protection of intellectual property rights consciousness, not tort, and has independent intellectual property rights, only then can & other in foreign intellectual property disputes; Fight against longer odds & throughout; 。 The article links: always fine letter WWW mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 com
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