Foreign enterprises in China valve market occupy ten percent

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
The valve in the mechanical product occupies a considerable proportion. According to foreign developed countries, the valve output is the sum of compressor, fan and pump, accounts for about 5% of the whole machinery industrial production. At the same time, as an important part of major technical equipment, especially in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, urban water supply and drainage system, the valve is plays a key role, and the dosage is very large. At present, the valve more than about 6000 enterprises, of which more than 5 million yuan output value of 900. These companies, whether its size, or the quality of our products are currently unable to compete with foreign similar enterprises. The valve industry in our country at present about 10% of the market was occupied by foreign enterprises, China general machinery industry association valve branch of the relevant personage thinks, to change the status quo, improve the quality of the valve is the key. The personage inside course of study analysis, the causes of current passive valve market in China mainly has two aspects: one is the domestic valve products and imported products than there are gaps, quality improvement; Second, some user localization consciousness is not strong, even artificially set threshold, make domestic enterprises with foreign enterprises in to the winning bid. Concerned expert thinks, our country enterprise at present the production of a common valve leakage, leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life, and not flexible operating valve electric device and pneumatic devices such unreliable shortcomings, partial product is the size of the last century in the early eighty s the international level. Therefore, the development of the valve industry, need to develop high technical content of new products. Relevant experts, the valve industry should be vigorously adopt international standards and advanced foreign standards, strictly implement the existing national standards, to reform the existing products, make the updated products in the ninety s, the international level. Dealing with castings and forgings at the same time, the valve industry raw materials selection, casting, forging process, heat treatment to take effective measures to make the casting blank, in quality and appearance quality has reached the international level. , on the other hand, should continue to carry out internal and external leakage, strict mechanical processing technology, vigorously promote new sealing material, improve the processing precision of key parts of the products, prolong the service life of products, make the valve & other A short two leakage & throughout; The phenomenon of fundamental improvement. Foreign enterprises occupied ten percent market in the valve ball valve assembly considerations when international oil equipment procurement focus on China
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