Foreign nuclear power valve development and production company profile

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Foreign nuclear power valve development and production company introduction of foreign nuclear power valve compared with domestic nuclear power valve, foreign nuclear power valve complete kinds, advanced technology, excellent performance and high reliability. The United States in 1942 built the world * * experimental nuclear reactor, the former Soviet union in 1954 * * nuclear power plants in the world. In more than 60 years of the development of nuclear power technology, the only in terms of nuclear power valve, and foreign has formed the complete design, experiment, manufacture, testing system and accumulated lots of experience, products mature and reliable technology. Westinghouse, Canada whelan of companies in the United States, France, fama tong company and other western nuclear power valves control the contemporary advanced nuclear power technology. Whelan of nuclear power valve in nearly more than 90% of the world's nuclear power plant has a good supply record. The nuclear of and ci in the world in many important nuclear, non-nuclear valve, such as pilot operated relief valve, the main steam isolation valve, regulating valve and other nuclear power valve technology and market were prominent nuclear power in the hands of the valves, and the price is very expensive. 1 major foreign production of nuclear power valve company. The rockwell international ( RockwellInternationalCorp。 ) Rockwell international is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, total number of employees over 120000 people. The company has more than 200 factories and offices in more than 30 countries outside the United States Rio has more than 100 subsidiaries, associates and branches. Company by the aerospace, automotive, electronics and general industrial four production departments. Product variety, widely for high precision engineering equipment and parts. Rockwell international general flow control equipment products of industrial sector, including public utilities in valve, oil, natural gas and nuclear power industries in the valve. The company produced 1974 * * plant with metal seal diaphragm valve. 2. German city life of KSB company the company was founded in 1871, formerly known as flange Ken tal factory, in January 1972, Swiss sulzer company was established in the factory site sulzer with KSB company - — KSB company and investment 340000 mark, is specialized in plant design and manufacture of pumps and valves. The factory covers an area of 57400 m2, staff more than 3000 people. The company's main products are nuclear power reactors, stop check valve, gate valve, globe valve spring safety valve, diaphragm valve. And chemical use acid-resistant steel globe valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve, etc. 3. Velan engineering company (Canada Velen Engineeringco。 有限公司 ) Velan engineering company, founded in 1950, now has developed into the valve industry leaders of the world. Existing 10 professional manufacturers, more than 2000 employees. The company representative offices in 60 countries. Velan engineering company of valve manufacturers in addition to the three in foreign countries, the remaining seven in Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Portugal and South Korea. Velan engineering company as the main supplier of nuclear power valve manufacturer, with its excellent quality has been throwing up a reputation. Company's three factories in North America to hold the ASME nuclear power plants 'N' license. Company produces a large number of various types and parameters, including nuclear power valve, power station valve. Typical of nuclear power valve of nuclear grade Ⅰ gate DN350, 17 design pressure. 6 mpa, * high working temperature 350 ℃; Nuclear grade Ⅱ main steam isolation valve DN800, class 1500. There are 24 countries in the world is to use the company's nuclear power valve. 4. The British Haatterley Heaton, inc. ( Hartley haitong) HaatterleyHeaton company has 60 years of experience in production of steel valves, and valve for nuclear power station's main suppliers. For more than 40 years, the company highly perfect multiple types of bellows seal valve plant is widely used all over the world, has also been applied in nuclear-powered submarines. Foreign nuclear power valve development and production company profile Swiss developed production machine tool industry in the world's fifth congratulates thick pu valve company website redesign
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