Fox cars because electromagnetic valve failure

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Fox cars because cars solenoid valve solenoid valve malfunction fox YiLiang troubleshooting easy Shared time breakdown phenomenon in changan ford focus. L hatchback, carrying FE model forward gears electronic control automatic transmission, mileage. Thousands of km. According to users, the vehicle in normal operation, the transmission lifting gear shock phenomenon. Check analysis maintenance personnel first road test, when the speed is ~ km/h cover up, at this point the transmission has impact, when reduced to km/h speed, vehicle dithering phenomenon, trouble light yellow light on the instrument. When the trouble light light, show that the transmission control unit detected shift solenoid valve work exception or other error such as fault information, so that the transmission into protection mode, transmission gears locked in block, engine speed for r/min speed can only be achieved when km or so. Can there are many types of the cause of transmission into protection mode, transmission control unit detects electrical, hydraulic and mechanical system there is a big failure, will be recorded and stored in the fault code, the transmission control unit will stop communication transmission and hydraulic solenoid valve and command transmission with a fixed gears. Work oil is the oil pump hydraulic system at this time, so the transmission will appear not shift, difficult to start and the dynamic block impact phenomena. Basic checks on the transmission system. Using fault diagnosis IDS to test the transmission system, storage has the following fault code P ( Electromagnetic valve fault SSB) 、P( Electromagnetic valve SSB control circuit failure) 、P( Electromagnetic valve SSB binding) 、P( Electromagnetic valve SSB functional failure) , in a nutshell, it is involving the electromagnetic valve SSB fault codes. Consult the service manual, the FE model of the automatic transmission solenoid valve can be divided into the switch and duty ratio, shifting solenoid valve SSA and SSB for switch type solenoid valve, through the current on-off control hydraulic pressure applied to different oil duct, to control the work of the executive components such as clutch and brake, the electromagnetic valve closed without hydraulic oil flow through. Transmission solenoid valve SSC, SSD and SSE of duty ratio type solenoid valve, by adjusting the duty ratios of solenoid valve control the hydraulic actuators, the electromagnetic valve shut down the state for the largest hydraulic oil flow through.
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