Garbage truck electromagnetic valve failure. What should I do?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Garbage truck electromagnetic valve failure. What should I do? Internet tintin cat garbage truck one of the important components of the electromagnetic valve, its function is used to control the power operation. And take power affect the garbage truck lifting system, so when the solenoid valve malfunction, will affect the working efficiency of garbage truck. So how do we deal with garbage truck solenoid valve failure? Next we solenoid valve factory to teach when you encounter this kind of situation of processing method, the garbage truck solenoid valve can not close this situation may be one of the following reasons ( ) The main valve core or moving iron core of seal is damaged. Replace the seal processing method. ( ) The fluid temperature, viscosity is too high. Replacement of the solenoid valve processing method. ( ) Are valve core production impurities into the solenoid valve or moving iron core. Stop cleaning processing method. ( ) Spring life have to or deformation. Processing method to replace the new spring. ( ) Hole orifice equilibrium infarction. Treatment in a timely manner to clean. ( ) Working frequency is too high or have to life. Reorganization or update products processing method. , garbage trucks, electromagnetic valve does not work after the power supply ( ) Check the power supply wiring whether poor contact. Processing method to wiring and connectors. ( ) Check whether the power supply voltage is in positive and negative work scope. Processing method is adjusted to a normal position range. ( ) If the coil desoldering. Processing method to welding. ( ) Coil short circuit. To change the coil processing method. ( ) Differential pressure is not appropriate. Process adjustment pressure difference or change of proportion of solenoid valve. ( ) The fluid temperature is too high. Treatment change of proportion of solenoid valve. ( ) Have impurities to make electromagnetic valve of the main valve core and the moving core card to death. Stop cleansing treatment methods, such as seal damage and sealed device filters should be changed. ( ) Liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and had come to life. Replace the product processing method. Above is the method of how to deal with garbage truck solenoid valve failure, when you encounter the above situation, can contrast to check processing. When found the problem must be timely handled correctly, so as not to affect the efficiency and service life garbage trucks. Electromagnetic valve professional custom production, consult the electromagnetic valve factory technical adviser director wang
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