Gas cut fast valve failure that may occur

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Gas under the fast cutting valve failure that may occur with # furnace gas manifold cut fast valve control process on the remaining gas type fast cutting valve are almost control principle. Fast cutting gas main valve is located at # # furnace furnace gas manifold glasses valve, it protect the boiler; A but boiler with abnormal situation, it can quickly cut off the gas, the protection of boiler. Gas fast cutting valve sketch but abnormal causes the chain closed, and will affect the normal operation of the boiler, and the electromagnetic valve coil burn out, such as line fault caused by closed, seriously affecting the normal operation of the unit, we only understand and grasp its control principle and characteristics of the equipment, to process fault quickly and efficiently, to ensure normal operation of the unit. One, we first on the engineer site gas solenoid valve to open the boiler combustion system diagram, according to the technological process, find fast cutting gas main valve, click on the valve, pop operation box, on the operation box at the bottom of the endpoint of coding right-click pops out logic diagram, logic in the valve of MFT chain conditions, status information. Logic diagram, the output on the right instructions. Small box, click the command output will record browser pop-up point, clearly see the blast furnace gas main shut-off valve control instruction. If you have the command output, dotted line will turn into red, be clear at a glance. Continue to click on the button at the bottom of the hardware information, it will pop up instructions on DCS specific station number and the location information. We clearly see that it is on the first channel of DPUA card number. To this we already know the quick cutting valve instruction in DCS the output of the process. Second, second, we can find DPU cabinet to the DCS control room first, and then find A card to A physical location, see the first channel and the output relay ( Plate number) 。 Third, once again, we find the DCS power cabinets, switch power supply cabinets, there is and the name of the field device corresponding to the number. Soon to see the fast valve power switch. To this, the DCS is done to the valve control command output, the rest is cut output relay to the fast valve solenoid valve cable connection. Four, finally, the command output to the on-site electromagnetic valve to complete the control of the valve. And electromagnetic valve through electricity, loss of power to control the compressed air engine intake and exhaust valve switch. Five, the normal situation, only when the boiler MFT sudden chain will close it. The faults caused by generally has the following several ways. Burn out, electromagnetic valve, this command output should have V power supply, power off, replace the solenoid valve can solve, So is blocked or electromagnetic valve body processing) 。 , order normal operation, no output power, is divided into two cases. , the power switch tripping, find out the reason and eliminate failure, close the power switch. , power switch tripping, relay failure, whether relay coil burn out, or contact is damaged, replace the relay can eliminate the fault. , there is also a situation is relay output power to the power supply is normal, in the field and the electromagnetic valve, no power supply cable is damaged, the cable must be replaced to solve it. , in the worst case is soft cable fault, due to the cable quality problem, cable is heated to a certain degree of insulation damage occurs between line and line or line and ground caused by short circuit switch trip. Also must replace the cable to solve it. In addition, must master the solenoid valve has a forced to turn the switch to open, if necessary, for the time being forced to cut open the valve. If there is any wrong place, leaders, colleagues and correct.
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