Gas pressure relief valve structural characteristics and USES

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Relief valve structure features and use: gas pressure relief valve belongs to the guide piston type pressure relief valve. Consists of two parts, the main valve and pilot valve. The main valve is mainly composed of valve seat, the main valve plate, piston, spring and other parts. Pilot valve is mainly composed of valve seat and valve disc, diaphragm, spring, adjusting spring and other parts. By adjusting the adjusting the spring pressure setting outlet pressure, the use of diaphragm sensing outlet pressure changes, through the pilot valve opening and closing drive piston regulate the flow of the main throttle valve parts area, the size of the reduced pressure regulator function. Pressure relief valve is mainly used for gas pipeline, such as air, nitrogen and pressure relief valve and pressure relief valve, oxygen, hydrogen and pressure relief valve, relief valve gas, such as liquefied gas pressure relief valves, gas pressure relief valve.
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