Gas solenoid valve installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Gas solenoid valve solenoid valve installation instructions, should be carefully read the product instruction manual before installation, check whether the product completely conform to the requirements of the use, familiar with the key points of installation, ready for work. , when installation, gas solenoid valve coil up, and keep the vertical position, gas solenoid valve on the arrow or tag should be consistent with the piping to, shall not be installed in places with splashing water or water leakage. Before, to take over the pipe fully flush with, MPa pressure, the metal powder in the pipeline sealing material residues, completely removed rust scale, etc; The working medium of gas solenoid valve should be clean without particles; Impurities, it is recommended that the valve before installing the filter, the steam pipeline installation steam trap; Gas solenoid valve internal parts on the surface of the dirt and filters, must be clean regularly. , in the gas solenoid valve failure occurs, in order to timely isolated gas solenoid valve, and ensure the normal operation of the system, the best install bypass device. , do not use gas solenoid valve installed on the pipeline dips, in order to avoid steam condensation water, impurities such as precipitation within the valve and prevent action. And ordinary gas solenoid valves cannot be used in inflammable and explosive dangerous places. , in the pipeline under rigid recommend to use before and after the gas solenoid valve pipe bracket, in order to prevent gas solenoid valve work caused by vibration. , gas solenoid valve to install pressure gauge before and after the line to line pressure.
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