Gas solenoid valve of the main technical data

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Gas solenoid valve, it is the safety of the gas pipeline emergency cut-off device. It can be connected to the gas leakage alarm system or with fire and other intelligent alarm control terminal module connection, realize remote automatic/manual emergency scene or cut off the gas source, ensuring the safety of gas. When harmful strong vibration, the valve will be closed automatically. Open valve must be approved by human intervention, manual open, meet safety management standard, conform to the accident treatment characteristics. The main technical parameters for gas: natural gas; Liquefied petroleum gas. The artificial coal gas and other non-corrosive gases driving voltage: DC9V ~ DC12V. ( Pulse) Body material: brass alloy drive current: & lt; 2 ( Pulse) Sealing material: NBR rubber valve time: less than 1 second working environment temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 50 ℃ explosion-proof type: encapsulation type mixer * big working pressure: 50 kpa wire length: 0. 4 meters connection mode: G1/2 '( DN15A) /G3/4”( DN20A) Valves closed way: dc pulse drive/manual valve open mode: manual reset hello! Thank you for browsing the products of our company! If you are interested in this product can give us a message or online consultation! Our company have other corresponding products to choose from: steam solenoid valves, pneumatic ball valve! Thank you for your browsing! Warm congratulations on thick pu get * * * dIICT5 explosion-proof solenoid valve valve certificate in the first half of 2011 valve hardware industry operation condition analysis
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