Gas system in the assembly of the electromagnetic valve are unqualified

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Gas system in the assembly of the solenoid valve are unqualified unqualified gas solenoid valve in the system the yangcheng evening news and han times recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine reported in the national household gas stove products quality supervision and spot check result linkage. Sampling percent of pass. %, HeiBang was exposed, the dream ze good wife and a family joy, opie, hemisphere, wrigley, gerber, thought, batch of guangdong companies such as samsung, sakura house production of household gas stoves were selectiving examination unqualified products. Unqualified product main problems and reasons in air tightness project unqualified. Main reason for this is not strictly guard a pass in the assembly process, some companies did not according to the standard requirement of gas system in the assembly of the solenoid valve and plug valve tightness checks respectively, and the two way valve together on a seal check, failed to check out the real results. Thermal load deviation and the main fire measured convert heat load is unqualified. Main reason is the nozzle size deviation and did not meet the prescribed standards must not less than the main heat load. KW requirements, which leads to the gas stove fire size is not easy to control, to meet the rapid heating requirements; Dry carbon monoxide concentration in flue gas is unqualified. Reason is the big size valve nozzle, and ejector pipe and crater do not match, leading to incomplete combustion. Thermal efficiency is unqualified. Main reason is the product of the burner head size is larger, the design of small heat load, high pot holder, burner heating process, the heat loss is too big, lead to products of thermal efficiency is low; Gas tube is unqualified. Is the main cause of the unqualified companies receiving inspection lax, use do not conform to the requirements of parts and components; Nameplate and manual is unqualified. Management in enterprise is the main cause of the unqualified is imperfect, the logo is not standard.
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