Gasoline engine solenoid valve type injector

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Gasoline engine solenoid valve type injector arrival times are being held in Beijing on the 2nd China international auto parts fair, the leading producer of guangxi liuzhou China machine industrial co. , LTD. Brand series gasoline engine solenoid valve injector products debut, built with completely independent intellectual property rights system of fuel injector manufacturing technology. The workers are working on the electromagnetic valve system as we have learned, in the efi system technology is the most difficult, the most core of the manufacture of the injector, China only solve the production of fuel injector, can we truly achieve the localization of efi system. Only big nail injector is the most important in the automobile electronic control fuel injection system of actuators, control the fuel injection amount and injection status and some compare it to the system of 'core'. Since years, liuzhou machine industrial co. , LTD. And Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics automobile engineering center, tianjin internal combustion engine research institute 'industry-university-institute' cooperation, start the gasoline engine solenoid valve type injector r&d project. After years of research experiments, developed the gasoline engine solenoid valve injector, efi system, sensor, throttle, etc. Series of products. By the mechanical industry internal combustion engine product quality supervision and test center ( Tianjin) Testing found that 'the comprehensive performance of the fuel injector can reach the level of technology, international similar product can to compete in the field of application of efi gasoline engine technology. Liuzhou 'on this basis, the machine will also its product technical standards, measures, such as design, process and manufacturing integration becomes a complete industrial system, and developed a special injector production and testing equipment, special laboratory created the first domestic solenoid valve injector, built the injector professional production line. By the national car quality supervision and inspection center for performance test and reliability test, test results accord with the Q/GJJ - The DH leading brand 'gasoline engine solenoid valve injector technology conditions enterprise standards. Liuzhou the machine also with tianjin internal combustion engine research institute and Shanghai institute of internal combustion engine, proposed 'internal combustion engine solenoid valve injector assembly technology conditions' and 'internal combustion engine fuel injector solenoid valve type detection method' two national standards, has been included in the committee of the national standard of the national standard system revision plan.
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