Gate valve door model establishment method gate door number represents

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
, gate door model segmentation description: the company to provide quality of service, the product differentiation, details show social responsibility to maximize the attitude. Avoid into and other enterprises, choose the wrong type, under single fault and provide product information in an unknown problem such as return to return. , the next door valve door company will provide a series of valve products, the price of instructions, principle, knowledge and information, the size of the structure, performance, usage, characteristics, types, standards, content such as installation and maintenance of differentiation. For the majority of users really simple and convenient services. Gate door model representative description: the following is representative company gate valve gate type, the gate door model establishment method is, according to the products of the company, combined with international standard for valve door model combination. If there is any doubt welcome your inquiry. For customization and other special product type selection. Content is mainly aimed at gate door code, additional requirements, driver, connection, structure, seal, pressure, material combination segment. Gate valves, valve door model establishment method: door additional code: WZ said bellows gate valve door, DZ cryogenic valve door, NKZ type vacuum gate valve gate, PZ knife gate valve gate; Gate valve gate type said: Z; Said drive mode: manual code, electric hydraulic, 3 turbine worm, 2-5 Bevel gear transmission, pneumatic, 9-6 Electric; Connection said: 4 flange connection, welding 6, 7 the wafer; Structure form said: 0 flexible disc, stem wedge type single ram, 2-1 Rising stem wedge type double ram, 3 - Rising stem single ram, 4 - parallel type Rising stem parallel-type double ram, 5 non-rising stem wedge type single ram, 6 non-rising stem wedge double ram, seven non-rising stem parallel single ram, 9 non-rising stem parallel double ram; Sealing material material: W alloy valve body directly processing, T, X, F fluorine plastic, rubber, H - Cr stainless steel, hard alloy, M Y monel alloy; Pressure level said: PN1. 0 - 32Mpa,10=1. 0 mpa pressure is 10 kg, 150 lb - 1500 lb class said American standard pressure, 5 - 63 k day class pressure; The valve body material said: Z - Grey cast iron nodular cast iron, Q, T alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel 304 P C, R stainless steel 316, V molybdenum chrome vanadium steel. For example, WZ41H - 150 lb American standard bellows gate valve gate, W and Z bellows gate valve gate, 4 flanges, 1 stem wedge single ram, H class stainless steel, 150 lb. Company gate valve gate common models: the elastic door seal gate valves: Z40X, Z40H; Stainless steel gate valve gate: Z40W, Z41W, Z40H, Z41H; Electric gate valve gate: Z940H, Z941H, Z943W, Z944H, Z945X, Z943H; Pneumatic valve gate: Z641F, Z641H, Z641W; Welding gate valve gate: Z60H, Z61H, Z62H, NKZ64H; Z560H、Z561H、Z960H、Z961H; Slurry valves: Z73X, Z73H, Z673X, Z673H, Z973X, Z973H; Type knife gate valve gate: PZ43H, PZ543H, PZ643H, PZ943H, PZ73H, PZ573H, PZ673H, PZ973H; Rising stem gate valve gate: Z41X, Z41H, Z41X, Z42H, Z44X; Non-rising stem gate valve gate: Z45X, Z45H, Z47F; Spiral gate: LMD one-way, LMS bidirectional; Bevel gear gate valve gate: Z540H, Z541H, Z542H, Z543H, Z545H; Bellows gate valve gate: WZ41H, WZ41W; Low temperature gate valve gate: DZ40H, DZ40W, DZ40Y, DZ41F, DZ41H, DZ41W, DZ41Y.
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