Gate valve gate application conditions and operation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Gate valve door is closed ( Ram) Along the pathway of the center line of the vertical direction of the valve gate. Gate door can only be fully open and close in line cut off, not to adjust and throttling. Gate valve gate is the use of a wide range of a valve door, general caliber DN≥ 50 mm to cut off the device to choose it, sometimes at the caliber of small cutting device also chooses gate valve gate. Sealing face has two gate, two of the most commonly used mode gate valve sealing surface form a wedge, the wedge Angle vary with the valve door parameters, usually to 50, medium temperature is not high for 2 & deg; 52 '. Wedge gate valve gate of the door can be made into a whole, is called a rigid disc; Can also make it generates trace of deformation of ram, in order to improve the manufacturability, make up for the sealing surface Angle in the process of our processing deviation, this damper is called elastic disc. Gate valve door is closed, sealing surface can only rely on medium pressure to seal, that depend on medium pressure, the disc will be to the other side of the valve seat sealing surface pressure to ensure that the seal face seal, this is the seal. Most gate door is forced sealing, the valve door is closed, to rely on outside force forced the ram pressure to the valve seat, to ensure the sealing surface sealing. Gate valve gate of the door, for linear motion with the valve stem, called lifting lever gate valve gate ( Also called rising stem gate valves door) 。 Usually in lifting lever on the trapezoidal thread, through the nut at the top of the valve gate and the guide groove on the valve body, the rotary motion to linear motion, which is the operating torque thrust into operation. Open valve door, when the gate hoisting height is equal to the 1:1 times of valve gate size, fluid channels open completely, but at runtime, the position cannot be monitored. Actual use, based on the valve rod vertices as a sign, that is not moving, as its full open position. To consider locking phenomenon in a temperature change, usually in the open to the vertex positions, pour 1/2-1 ring back, again as a fully open valve of the position of the door. Therefore, valve door fully open position, according to the location of the damper ( > the trip. 1. Usually used in open - gate door Close the occasion, cannot be used for throttling service. 2. Gate valve gate are normally installed in horizontal pipe runs with the valve stem vertically up. Can also be installed in vertical pipe in horizontal pipe runs or valve stem other than vertical, but according to the size of size of the valve gate, application environment and the material details, may require special structure. If buy the valve door to the use of special installation, when ordering, should show the valve toward the door. 3. For the application of temperature over 260 ℃ environment, it is suggested that using the flexible or split wedge, avoid wedge stuck due to thermal expansion. This kind of situation in the condition of the valve door is closed when cold, and then heated to happen. 4. When used in high velocity ( Turbulence) Or thermal cycling applications, in order to avoid loosening, threaded valve seat ring should be lock welded to the valve body. When ordering, please specify. 5. Close the gate door, the valve rod should be slightly back ( 1/8 to 1/4 turn) To release the valve rod load. This makes the valve stem to expand slightly, not stuck or damage to the valve door, also will not affect shutoff. 6. If the valve seat ring installation lugs removed, high integrity shutoff gate valves door can be used in the hot water outlet or the use of soft iron pipe system. When ordering, please specify. 7. Pumping station without being limited by the space to use, the water of sundry more easily blocked in the important position of the valve gate, can use flashlight dual-use gate valve gate; Vice can use butterfly valve door, especially with butterfly valve door can be used in the pump room renovation project, in order to effectively use the original pump room space, to improve on the premise of the original pump room area is the same for ( Row) The purpose of the water.
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