green plumbing design meets toilet fill valve repair

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-30
Today, I would like to talk to you about the green plumbing design and a new product for toilet fluid valve repair called Hydroclean.
I recently met the fourth inventor of water cleaning.
Michael Schuster, plumber.
Michael came up with one of the most thoughtful new products I \'ve seen in a long time.
This newly designed toilet bowl saves water, I mean a lot of water, and it\'s a great thing in today\'s dry environment.
But it not only saves water, it also reminds you when replacing the leaking toilet baffle;
It cleans the inside of the toilet tank with every flush and even installs without tools.
Toilet repairman 101-
In order to know exactly how water cleaning saves water, it is first necessary to know exactly how the toilet works.
Most residential toilets are in water boxes.
The tank toilet works by flushing the contents of the bowl into the drainage pipe system using water stored in the tank.
When you flush the toilet, the basic events that occur are as follows: the water is stored in the tank, and when you press the flush lever, it lifts the baffle at the bottom of the toilet tank, the water in the toilet water tank flows into the bowl through the opening below the baffle, and the waste in the bowl is washed into the drain pipe through the additional water added at the outlet.
Toilet repairman 102-
When all this happens, the filling valve floats down and opens the filling valve when the baffle is closed, allowing the tank to start filling.
At the same time, the filling pipe on the filling valve now sends water to the bowl through the overflow pipe in the water tank.
The float rises and closes the filling valve when the tank is full.
It\'s all fairly simple if you know the order. The Problem-
The refill TubeThe problem arises because the bowl is filled at the same time as the tank and usually the bowl is fully filled before the tank.
Once the bowl is filled, the rest of the water through the supplementary pipe will flow out along the drain pipe and waste it.
Unfortunately, most filling valves cannot adjust the filling rate of the bowl to prevent this from happening. The Solution-
The inventor of Hydroclean, Mini ValveThe, came up with a solution to this problem.
The Hydroclean has an adjustable valve on the filling tube that allows you to calibrate the amount of water used for filling the bowl.
This allows each toilet to be adjusted precisely to get the right amount of water to refill the bowl.
This simple improvement makes Hydroclean a green plumbing design, and with widespread use it has the potential to save millions of gallons a year.
Now you may ask yourself if you have wasted enough water to clean it.
If you follow the steps below, it is quite simple to find out the answer for yourself.
Step 1, mark the water level in the toilet with a pencil before flushing.
The second step is to remove the refilling pipe from the overflow pipe in the tank and guide the flow in the refilling pipe into a separate container.
A quart of removing the freezer bag works very well.
Step 3. Flush the toilet.
Step 4, capture the water from the supplementary tube in the container.
After the rinse is completed, check the water level in the bowl.
Step 5, slowly add water from the container to bring the water level in the bowl to the pencil mark.
Step 6, measure the remaining water in the container.
This is how much water is wasted every time the water is flushed. What A Waste!
If you want to go further, you can calculate how much water is wasted each year.
First determine how many times a day your toilet rushes.
By the way, the national average is 8 times a day.
Now multiply by the amount of water (in ounces)
It is left in your container, consisting of the number of times your toilet flush every day, and then multiply the total by 365 (
Days of the year)
Then divide the total number by 128 (
Number of ounces per gallon).
This will tell you how many gallons of water your inefficient toilets waste each year.
If you are curious about the cost of this in dollars and cents, just call your water department or check your water fee to know the price of a gallon of water.
If you are in a public sewer, don\'t forget the cost of the sewer. .
You may be surprised by the answer.
Another big feature of listening to leaking water cleaning is its ability to remind you that there is a leaking baffle in the toilet tank.
The Hydroclean is a bit noisy than other fill valves, and the valve itself has a very clear positive opening when it is opened.
So if your baffle leaks, the water level in the tank will slowly drop, causing the valve to open.
When this happens, the noise indicates a problem with your tank.
Don\'t get me wrong, it\'s not so loud that it\'s a nuisance.
You may not hear the children during the day, but at night it will be a deadly giveaway.
It even cleans TankI and mentions that Hydroclean cleans the toilet every time it flush.
This is achieved by an additional supplementary tube, which is routed from the fill valve to the other side along the bottom of the tank.
This means that each time the toilet is flushed, water is introduced into the toilet tank from several different openings along the tube, generating water flow at the bottom of the tank and flushing out any debris.
You see, there are no tools. Another feature of the seaplane is that it does not have tools when it is installed, although you may need a pair of channel locks to remove your old valve, the new one only has a very unique nut design, it does not make a sound when it becomes tight.
This is a big benefit for installers as it eliminates speculation and prevents excessive tightening, which can damage the tank.
Michael Schuster and his Hydroclean toilet fluid valve repair kit salute me.
Finding a new product that meets the marketing requirements is refreshing and I can say from personal experience that this is what Hydroclean does.
I only did the test on one of my toilets and now I use 525 gallons less water per year.
Most importantly, I don\'t need to sacrifice any performance to do this.
You can bet I plan to check my other toilets this week.
As far as I am concerned, Hydroclean is a person who does not think about it!
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