Hard seal butterfly valve installation test and adjustment of the door

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Installed hard seal butterfly valve door to product performance and whether the medium flow arrow is consistent with the movement conditions are confirmed, and the valve door internal scrub clean, do not allow the impurities on the sealing ring and the bat has attached, before cleaning is not allowed to shut off the bat, so as not to damage the sealing ring. Hard seal butterfly valve door installation of mating flange should adopt special flange disc valve, installed in the best position for the vertical loading, but can't flip. Hard seal butterfly valve installation test and adjustment of the door: 1, hard seal butterfly valve gate in pneumatic, hydraulic, manual, electric, etc. The parts are through strict debugging before they go out, when users in the detection of sealing performance, should be evenly on both sides of the import and export of the valve body is fixed, close the disc of the valve, pressure on imported hard seal butterfly valve door side, in the export side to observe if there is any leakage phenomenon, before the pipeline strength experiments, should first open the disc plate, seal and prevent vice door safety valve, air compressor, valve spring loaded safety valves, tiny qi type safety valve, stainless steel safety valve, steam safety valve. 2, hard seal butterfly valve door despite the strict I ection before they go out and experiment, but also the inevitable existence of individual products in transit automatic screw dislocation, to readjust, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. , please carefully read the accessory drive specification. 3, hard seal butterfly valve door factory has will control institutions opening and closing of the trip. To prevent power on is the direction to make wrong, the user after the first switched on, the first open to half open position manually
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