High pressure drain valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
High pressure drain valve is used in high pressure pipeline and equipment, can automatically discharge condensate, air and other gases not condensation, and resistance steam leakage of the valve gate. Depending on the working principle of the high pressure drain valve, steam trap valve can be turned into the following three types: mechanical type: rely on high pressure drain valve with the changing of water level in the action, including: the ball float, float for a closed hollow sphere exposure upward float type: float for opening up the bucket exposure down float type: float down with the bucket hot static type: depend on the liquid temperature change and action, including: the bimetallic strip: original sensitive bimetallic strip for high pressure type: original sensitive for corrugated tube or cartridge, internal filling the volatile liquid thermodynamic model: depend on the change of the thermal dynamic properties of the liquid and action. Disc type: because be in the same pressure, liquid and gas flow velocity is different, the different dynamic, static pressure and driving disc valve action pulse type: due to the different temperature of the condensate by polar string orifice plate, sitting between the throttling orifice plate between the different pressure of form, drives the valve disc movement. Four, high pressure drain valve structure and working principle of the drain valve resistance gas drainage effect in steam heating system, select the appropriate drain valve, can make the steam heating equipment to achieve the highest efficiency. To achieve the ideal effect, on the performance and characteristics of all types of drain valve to conduct a comprehensive understanding. This kind of valve door shall generally be installed in the pipeline. Drain valve of many varieties, each have different performance. Selects the drain valve, the first elected its features can best meet the steam heating equipment operation, before considering other objective conditions, so choose what you need to drain valve is correct and effective. Drain valve to & other; Identify & throughout; The steam and condensate to vapor barrier drainage effect. “ Identify & throughout; Steam and condensate is based on three principles: the density difference, temperature difference and phase transition. And then according to the principle of three: create three types of hydrophobic valve type classification for mechanical and thermal static model, thermodynamic model.
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