High pressure solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
High pressure solenoid valve installation time attention points: 1, before installation should refer to the product specification, whether meet your demand. 2, line should be rinsed clean before using, medium to clean the filters should be installed, and not to prevent impurities may not impair the normal work of the electromagnetic valve. 3, long after discontinuation of the electromagnetic valve, should be no clear after coagulation and convenient use; When unpick and wash all parts are to put away again restorable installed in sequence. 4, the electromagnetic valve is generally one-way work, can't reverse loading, the movement direction of the arrow on the valve is line, must be consistent. 5, the electromagnetic valve in the frozen place to work shall be heat treated, or set the heat preservation measures. Install the general level of the valve body 6, electromagnetic valve, vertical coil, and some products can be installed arbitrarily, but best vertical when conditions permit, to increase service life. 7, the electromagnetic coil lead wire ( Connectors) After connection is good, should confirm whether firm, join electrical components contact should not shake, loose will cause electromagnetic valve does not work. Continuous work to produce the electromagnetic valve, had better use the bypass, easy maintenance, does not affect production. Structural characteristics of the forerunner diaphragm, the highest pressure. 6. 0 m mpa air force, navy compact supporting product design, exquisite beautiful and low temperature, no noise, zero leakage action quick response and high frequency of German technology, export series, reliable quality, such as medium containing impurities, the valve must be installed before the filter ( Mesh is greater than or equal to 80 mesh/cm2) ; And no solidification or crystal phenomenon. The working principle of the high pressure solenoid valve is a kind of pilot operated normally closed valve, when the coil current, magnetic field, pilot valve is opened, the lower the upper piston stress at work, which rely on differential pressure to the piston to the top, pipe flow, whereas the coil power, piston, thus truncation pipeline. 1, out of the former should check whether the packing is complete, when unpacking the case should check whether the product is in good condition, whether complete, the technical documents and accessories such as damage or defect, please contact the transportation department and my company. 2, if the product not to install and use, can be stored in the environment temperature is zero to four degrees, relative humidity is not more than eighty percent of the indoor, if directly on the ground, you must pad with dry wood, paper lay asphalt, in case of moisture.
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