High temperature and high pressure solenoid valve basic characteristics

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
High temperature and high pressure solenoid valve basic characteristic time imported high temperature and high pressure solenoid valve basic characteristics, safety, do not pay attention to safety that can produce a disaster! King, corrosive medium appropriate chooses plastic electromagnetic valve and all stainless steel; Import water solenoid valve for strong corrosion medium must choose isolation diaphragm. , explosive environment must choose corresponding level of explosion-proof products, open-air installation or dust should choose more occasions waterproof, dust-proof varieties. , solenoid valve, nominal pressure should exceed the maximum working pressure inside. Second, the applicability is not applicable to equal pay for fees, more trouble! Three, reliability, not reliable will damage the whole system. , working life, this is not included in the factory test project, import flange solenoid valve belongs to the type testing project. In order to ensure the quality of persons to be normal manufacturer of famous brand products. , work pattern points duty for a long time, short work and short work over and over again. The company's products are routine for the long term, namely the coil allow electricity work for a long time. , working frequency demands a high frequency, the structure should be optimized to import direct acting solenoid valve, power supply to optimizing communication. , action reliability. Electromagnetic valve throughout the hour ordering hotline more see HTTP / / all kinds of electromagnetic valve products
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